Rolling Winter Wrestling Thread 2020 (including Wrestle Kingdom 14 and the Royal Rimble!)

this storyline has right from the beginning been getting way more youtube views than anything else theyve been doing so I guess it works. not watched raw yet but wrestling weddings are always fun trash aren’t they

been watching some big recent NJPW matches to get in the mood for WK14 (I’m also introducing new partner to it) any big shouts I’m missing? We watched:

Okada vs Ospreay from G1 this year
Ospreay vs Ricochet from BOSJ 2017
AJ Styles vs Nakamura WK10
Jericho vs Omega WK12
Omega vs Tanahashi WK13

with the intention of building up to Okada vs Omega series. Feel like I need some Ibushi and Naito in there though




naito vs omega g1 2017 semi final and shibata vs okada sakura genesis 2017 are probs my two favourite njpw matches.

other than that, basically all okada’s matches from that championship run were great (I particularly liked the matches vs marufuji)
zsj vs ishii is always a good time, likewise hiromu vs dragon lee
ospreay has had a banger year so you can basically pick any of his 2019 matches and it’ll be great. think I liked the ones vs okada and ibushi best. also the one vs shibata in 2017 is a personal favourite, just because he gets the absolute shit kicked out of him

oh yeah, ibushi and naito had a few good / scary matches vs each other this year so if you’re after those two probs start there

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size of this has absolutely done me


I tried to get you a little bit of everybody:

Shingo/Ospreay (BOSJ 2019 Final) - match of 2019
Ibushi/Tanahashi (G1 29 Final) - match of 2018
SANADA/Okada (G1 29)
Hiromu/Ishimori (BOSJ 2018)
Rocky/ELP (BOSJ 2019)
Suzuki/Liger (KOPW 2019)
Okada/White (G1 Supercard)
Juice/Moxley (BOSJ 2019 Final)

And not matches but:

Hiromu’s return (Power Struggle 2019)
KENTA’s turn on Shibata (G1 Final 2019)

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I watched the Liv/Lana angle and it looked like the kind of godawful trash that the Total Divas era would be proud of. Women’s wrestling in WWE has absolutely fallen off a cliff this year.

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Sanada/Okada is a GREAT shout, fucking loved that match

I just went back and rewatched it. That last 10 minutes the entire arena is just a wall of noise, goddam

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Okada vs Shibata Sakura Genesis 2017
Shibata vs Ishii G1 climax 23
Ibushi vs Ishii G1Climax 28



Quite looking forward to watching NXT on BT tonight, has there been any indication anywhere on how much they’re charging for PPVs? Im considering getting a Network account anyway for the Rumble but could be swayed by BT Box office…

Rollins is one of those wrestlers who should only ever be a heel, imo.


The network will always be cheaper than box office.

Tends to be 19.95

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Can anyone tell me if I subscribe to NJPW World, does that allow me to watch Wrestle Kingdom?

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it usually does. I’m assuming it’s no different this year


Ah great, thanks. I’ll order that, cheaper than

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Deffo does, it basically lives off the WK bump

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Perfect storm of a number of things - Heyman as head producer for Raw (he’s as bad as Lawler with his attitude towards women), their self-perceived only star taking a year off, having run the 4 horsewomen vs each other pretty dry, trying to push a green wrestler as top heel for some reason because she’s blonde and the fact that they’re still unwilling to try to build a mid-card in the division despite the “revolution”.

The timid nature of the booking in general is the core problem but that’s supplemented by the fact that women still don’t really have a voice backstage - there’s only Dana Warrior in creative and a couple of women out of the best part of 30+ producers. While it’s evidently a better place to work for women than a decade ago, it’s clearly also a company still rife with misogyny - both explicit and implicit in attitudes.