Rolling Wrestling Autumn 2018 thread


The Wrestlekingdom card is shaping up pretty nicely, the jar heavyweight match should be a corker.


Been watching a lot of The Rock promos recently. Best ever?


I remember one where he was with the nation and trying to get the cameras attention whilst Farooq was talking. Comedy gold



Over enunciating a mime to champ is great


That chair to Shamrock is mental too


Can’t believe @TKC didn’t reply with “it doesn’t matter what you think”
Rock amateur hour in here



Ha fuck really?!


No idea. Just saw this on Facebook


IN theory the “Winter” thread would start after Survivor Series, should we bother though or just keep/rename this one?

  • Winter thread!
  • Keep/rename this one

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and I mean NEVER post anything else from that run again, it made me hate The Rock!!! Thankfully Fast & Furious made me like The Rock again


if we do a “winter” thread would be good to end it around Royal Rumble so we get a fresh ROAD TO WRESTLEMANIA POINT AT THE SIGN thread.


Rumours that Alexa Bliss might need to retire :frowning:


That’s the idea aye



Of course, I’m posting these in jest.


:frowning_face: they’d keep her anyway surely. Best character and promo work in the women’s division, maybe best in the company after Joe. She’d be fucking brilliant as a heel manager or GM


She’s posted saying “she isn’t going anywhere” fwiw


Becky looked amazing last night.