Rolling Wrestling Autumn 2018 thread


Do you all think the nxt uk contract situation is going to kill the indies over here?




might kill their steaming services at the very least


I don’t think it will either, there’s so many good wrestlers ready to step up and take the place of Dunne,Bate etc.


There’s a great, nuanced discussion about this on the latest British Wrestling Experience podcast (part of the Wai Ting/John Pollock Post Wrestling family of podcasts but not sure if it’s behind the paywall or not).


Nah there are a lot of upcomming wrestlers. Rich talent pool


RAW the other night was really bad, I’m not sure why I still get excited to watch it every week. So much talent being wasted - even the one decent thing on the show (the IC open challenge) was undermined by the fact it was Rollins vs Ziggler yet again

SmackDown has actually been quite enjoyable over the past few months but isn’t much better for not using talent - where’s Andrade Almas and Sanity?


I’ve been watching some riptide recently and i’m sure Spike Trivet has a bright future ahead of him.


But if you want them, you won’t get The Usos vs The Bar vs The New Day MXXXIV.


King of Strong and Stable style


Listened to this last night, really enjoyed it!
Cheers for the recommendation


dunne vs devlin on this week’s nxt uk was very good stuff


So you know how awful Raw was last week? With all the toilet humour?

Dave Meltzer reporting that Vince wrote the entire episode. Makes so much sense, it’s also being regarded as one of the worst Raw’s in history.



Also I may or may not have bought a Riptide season ticket today


I somehow got tickets for this before it sold out, can’t bloody wait! Anyone else get tickets?


oh wow that match will be nuts, well jel. nice poster too


Pac’s also facing sabre jr the month before, which should also be a cracker.


Dynamite Kids dead


Dead tired of not stiffing the competition


Dead tired of not having any shells to load into his shotgun before he wakes her up with it in her face.