Rolling Wrestling Autumn 2018 thread


Rewatching Summerslam 13, that was a really good show wasnt it?


Punk vs Lesnar and Bryan vs Cena are both absolute classics.


For an era that has a really bad rep (not unreasonably), Bryan and Punk both bumping around the upper Midcard meant there was always something watchable.


They brought it into the current era


Often think AJ Lee doesn’t get enough credit for her work during that era as well… The only woman except Stephanie McMahon I can remember who spent years around the top of the card on her own merits rather than just as a valet/prop.


Del Rio vs Christian is also a hidden gem


think del rio had more good matches than people generally remember, maybe because he’s a berk or his character was a bit boring idk. really liked the matches with roman where they just beat the shit out of each other