Rolling Wrestling Autumn 2018 thread


being angry at r truth coming out at 30 would’ve been amazing, can’t believe they’ve robbed us of that moment


I think McIntyre will get a run with the the WWE/Universal title next year, may even win MITB, I don’t think long term these losses hurt him and it removes any pressure of having an underfeated streak which is an angle that rarely works. Also can see him being in the final 4 of Royal Rumble next month (along with Rollins, AJ and Strowman).

We’ll see though, it is WWE after all.


i reckon he will as well, but it makes so fucking sense to lose here. It means they’re doing that equal booking thing between him and balor and ziggler and it’s like JUST PUT SOMEONE OVER PLEASE


drew murking lesnar would be so good. they fucked up not having braun do it but this would probably be the next best thing


kinda love liv morgan. she’s not very good but her willingness to bump like a madman is very endearing.

also the raw tag match was quite fun.


Rousey is so great in ring

I have stop careing about long term booking and only watch the ppvs so maybe im more forgiving of the bullshit but am enjoying the faces getting their come uppance tonight even if the in ring stuff has been fairly average


just watched that match too. are they building rousey-tamina? and if so, why?

(the backstage bit afterwards was great)


Yeah im not interested in the match but i guess its something for rumble. Yeah Becky is just the best


s’allrite. Womens match will go first with the men closing the show. R-Truth will come out at no 30 twice. Once for the women, act all confused, have a dance break with Carmella when she comes out and then a second time a bit later for the men.


I reckon Sullivan debuts and takes his spot by beating him up as he enters


crowd were not into that ambrose-rollins match at all huh, mad that there was no heat considering how the story began. thought the match was okay but should’ve been more like the owens-zayn matches where they just start punching each other as soon as they each other and never stop


The faces finally all ganging up on those big bad unfair heels was just a slow build all along! #gr8booking #makesuthink


That was so stupid, she basically won a 3 on 1 handicap tables match.

And why the hell is Randy Orton vs Rey Mysterio on a ppv in 2018. The show was 4 hours long! Why not give some of that time to all those tag teams they call up from NXT and then never put on tv?

Also having the face commentator married to the heel in a title match makes for a really weird dynamic


Anyway, Ronda/Becky/Charlotte triple threat for the mania main event. Its gonna be ace


I’ve no idea why WWE thought bringing it up would enhance the story.


I really enjoyed TLC
Y’all crazy

This is the first mainline wwe show in ages that knew how to book faces and heels and i was satisfied with all the endings and backstage segments




You are going to lose your shit as the start of this new “shake-up” :joy:

I’m going to bed in a minute


I just saw the headline on

Cant wait for our heel turn


Vince looks on the verge of death