Rolling Wrestling Autumn 2018 thread


Less so these days, but there was quite a bit that made me go ‘errrr’ in the early ones.


don’t recall ever seeing this. incredible


Read the results for HIAC.

pleased for Becky, but putting fucking Lesner over AGAIN?!


It was a pretty great moment though cuz it was a great genuine surprise. Tbh the universal title has always been a joke so I wasn’t too bothered by the ending’s implications

Also he looked terrifying which is always the best version of him


Lots of really good wrestling. An absolute mess of booking


thought HIAC was pretty good, a bit too long but all the matches were solid. if you’re pushed for the time / not that bothered then I’d say that the tag title match was the only real must watch (loved that match and thought the finish was fucking awesome),

thought becky / charlotte was a bit sloppy glad becky won though and the spear reversal finish was good. think they’ve deffo get a better match in them so I’m looking forward to the rematch. also think the after match stuff was to make becky look more heelish but didn’t really work?

saw bryan alvarez complaining that AJ was involved in ANOTHER screwy finish, think he has a point. quite like this particular finish in isolation but jesus christ, let the guy win (or lose) clean sometimes.

screwdriver bit was gross (awesome), main event was fine but yeah I thought we were fucking done with lesnar. beard suits him though (also looked a bit leaner maybe?)


In the main event what was the point of the tag team lads coming down. Just meant roman and braun were already down sue to nothing much in particular for 10 minutes before brock turned up. Also what was the point of foley being a guest ref just to get pepper sprayed.

Also the red cell was minging


guess they’re setting up a six man for the next ppv but yeah I agree, it didn’t really work and just made the guys in the actual match look like dweebs.

cell looked like it was strawberry flavoured, delicious


They’re going to have Lesnar just invade all PPV title fights now until he gets a rematch aren’t they? And its going to be awful


hadn’t thought of that, you might be right (about it happening, you’re deffo right about it being shit)


If I ever see him near a wrestling ring again, it’ll be too soon as far as I’m concerned. The only person on the current roster I find more annoying (and not in the good way) is Randy Viper Orton.


Becky and Charlotte was great I thought, the only reason the end didn’t come off as heelish is because she’s justified storylines wise but also SHES SO OVER and people are sick of Charlotte’s dominance.

Felt the same re AJ finish, can Joe PLEASE just be put over clean?


seemed like they were trying to force the issue with her being a heel in the post match stuff and it isn’t working. think in storyline they’re both justified which is an interesting dynamic imo and they should just let it play out


the career mode for Wwe 2k19 looks (whisper it) good


How come?


saw the trailer last night , will spoiler it for anyone who wants to go in blind

just looks like theyve added a touch of ridiculousness which made WWE games fun. I think story is same old of a rookie trying to.make it big, but Triple H is holding him back (with a giu in a mask), it has authentic voices, it showed Bray Wyatt doing his finisher to the side of the Hardy compound, a ring full of maggots, stuff on the indie scene, someone hanging upside down from the ceiling backstage

just looks fun really


That does sound fun. Hopefully they get it running properly on Switch this time around eh


i bought the last one. played one match, had to restart it after 3 minutes then took it back the next day

i dunno why they want Wwe games to be realistic sims, so hopefully this new one gets it right


anyone watching the myc? been a mixed bag in general so far but the meiko satomura - mercedes martinez match on the latest episode is really good (meiko’s first round match was also v fun)


listening to AE podcast about Tough Enougg and watched the bump Nowinski takes to end his career. didnt realise he also took a Hurricanrana to be eliminated after, its so grim