Rolling Wrestling Summer 2018 thread

So with the superstar shake up tonight and tomorrow we embark on a “new season” as it were of Wrestling. The polls indicated we should go for a “big four”/seasonal effort, so we are officially on the road to Summerslam!

Any predos? John Cena to come out and do a big cry?

Asuka and Carmella have been trading barbs on twitter which would suggest she’s heading over to the blue brand where I guess 'mella will cheat her way to a couple defences now the streak is gone before Asuka finally rips her head off.

asuka and charlotte swap
balor to smackdown
usos or the new day to raw
andrade and zelina to be called up, probs to smackdown

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it’s weird andrade and zelina didn’t appear last week if they are to come up, but that might have been a time thing I guess?

I can’t remember how the shake up worked last year, did anyone get called up from nxt then?

smackdown went from being the best show to be being terrible, I remember that much

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pretty sure all the call-ups happened after Mania, then this “shake up” a week later. It’s a shame they don’t do drafts anymore but maybe they’re terrified we’ll get another “lucha…thing” promo

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ah bastard I almost definitely can’t watch GREATEST ROYAL RUMBLE live because of my headline gig. To be honest probably shouldn’t be supporting that shit anyway (poor Rusev :cry:)


The draft was ridiculous anyway… ECW gets it’s pick of virtually anyone it wants and drafts… The Boogeyman. Smackdown 2010, first pick: Kelly “I can’t even run the ropes” Kelly.

This whole Rusev thing is a work right? Leading upto him winning the title on Rusev Day

fucking better be otherwise wrestling is dead

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(unless it’s someone else playing him. but even then, why)

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Errr… ok

wtf is this angle

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what’s jericho gonna do? triple threat casket match?


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oh yeah, forgot about that :smiley:

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So apparently everyone is on raw now (including all of 3MB!!!) except the mix and Daniel Bryan. Cool.

reckon this is likely to have some surprise entrants?