Rolling Wrestling Summer 2018 thread



might just be time constraints?


might go on a Seven binge in WCW (couple of weeks wasnt it)


I’m so happy they’re doing it, I’;d constantly comment ‘Lex express arc’ after the WCW one where they all fell in love with him lol.


watch OSW instead :smiley:


That reminds me I need to finish Summerslam 2006!!!



lol good luck


I guess. tbf I don’t really care about lex either way, only want them to do it for the bret content


Cant wait for the Survivor Series match so they can go on a Bruce Hart rant


yeah looking forward to that one. borga is gonna be inducted into the boy club surely?




I think he’s already in a boy club or is that AEPodcast where he got mentioned? Can’t remember, the 2 sometimes blur for me.


New Gen surely?


Nah I’m sure they did it on AE. Think it was mentioned when they talked about Brakus.

Not listened to New Gen for a while, still worth listening to? Think I might continue where I left off (around Summerslam 94)


Yeah I’ve done the whole of New Gen and I really enjoy it, even if it’s by far the slower paced of the three, but that means they go into really meticulous detail about shit. They finished their timeline late last year and some of the final episodes are really excellent




Oh my


I wanted them just to carry on doing 93ppvs after the WM9 one but perhaps it’s worked out for the best seeing as they’ve all massively got on board the Lex Luger bandwagon (or err, Express) with WCW they’ve covered since. Very excited




Smackdown might end up being a bigger cash cow for WWE than Raw