Rolling Wrestling Summer 2018 thread



Their stock has risen $150m overnight


2017/2018 has been one hell of a year for them


wow who knew paige would be such a great GM


It’s been confirmed

over a billion dollars the deal is worth, but the fact Fox are going to put it on their main channel on a prime time Friday night slot is probably the biggest news. This legit could push for another boom period and I expect Fox will make the push for Smackdown to be bigger brand than it currently is. Could end up beingg good for the show.


that was due to Elias


more likely to be actual separate rosters again as a result right


lads do yourselves a favour and DON’T watch the Zayn/Lashey segment from last night, it’s maybe one of the worse things they’ve ever put on tv


Now I want to watch


no, please, don’t, you WILL regret it


But I need to know


oh god why you gotta link it I never want to think about it ever again


jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezus, why do they always do this


probably because they just earnt themselves a cool $150mil and don’t gie a fuck


I feel so bad for Zayn as he really tried to get this over, God he tried, shame about the writing and the idea and the rest.


Hey, at least Lashley’s sisters weren’t little people.


no… just cross dressers instead…


All PPVs now 4 hours apparently. Plenty more time for offensive awfulness!




45 minutes of Lesner vs Reigns forevermore!

#380 Like this for the miz effect theory, which is what ever brand The Miz is on is the best brand