Rolling Wrestling Summer 2018 thread



This is good news for my grap club


Think we should all watch the havoc v osprey arc if progress goes on


I’ve started having to watch ospreay matches on mute as I can’t be dealing with the constant yelping anymore


ospreay matches on mute is a good song title, nobody steal that please


Hey guys I’ve just uploaded my new song called Oespreay Matches on Mute



very exciting!


I hope Progress does go onto the network. I’ve just unsubscribed from Demand Progress. Got bored of Travis Banks being the Progress Cena tbh.

On a bit of a tangent, I went to Tuesday Night Graps by IPW at Manchester’s Frog and Bucket this week. Had a great night. Having it in such a small, intimate setting really added to it. Ligero and Chris Ridgeway had an absolute barn burner. First time seeing Aussie Open as well, who I found really entertaining.


Aussie Open are hilarious, love them.




Deliberately watched that really poor WM in preparation last week. Looking forward to them marking out over Luger’s selling.


How have I never seen this promo before


Was Warrior dying during that promo?


Still can’t believe i got to see Aja Kong wrestle live!


Has anyone been keeping up with the Best of the Super Juniors?
That Dragon Lee and Takahashi match was as awesome as i expected.


woah! where was this?

I’m watching bosj but I’m a bit behind, think I’ve watched up to the 22nd so I’m gonna try and catch up today. not surprised hiromu and dragon lee delivered, deffo one of the best combinations in world wrestling over the last few years


It was at York Hall for Pro Wrestling Eve’s ‘Wrestle Queendom’, she faced Viper.


oh nice, viper’s really good


Hell of a night, that. Charlie Morgan off the balcony was indescribable.


That was absolutely insane!
It was such a great night wasn’t it? None of the matches disappointed.
Seeing Satomura wrestle is always a treat!