Rolling Wrestling Summer 2018 thread



Satomura was incredible, her control especially. Those pile drivers on the apron had me genuinely terrified.

It was my first visit to Eve and absolutely won’t be my last. Immediately up there as one of my favourite promotions. As you say there, wasn’t a bad match all night and the variety of performers was perfect. Perfect mixture of in match story telling, humour and physicality. First time even hearing of Kris Wolf and was completely charmed. Need to get her merch actually…


kris wolf is a delight. the bbc did a nice little radio doco on her a couple of years ago


Never heard of this promotion before!

I cant wait to listen to this :smiley:


how do you like me now?!


Oh God I’m only 30mins in and this hilarious


is this the one with Jake the Snake?


Has there ever been a worse comedy segment than the Bobby lashley sisters thing? If so let me know.


No it’s a promotion that was ran by The Nasty Boyz and Jimmy Hart as an alternative to WWE that filmed loads of episodes but didnt get a tv deal so never aired.


I mean, there’s loads that are a similar level of awful - anytime they’ve tried doing the ‘this is your life’ thing apart from the original, new day’s sonny boy thing, ambrose beating up the rollins puppet, any of the shit/vomit based stuff that was obviously written by vince himself etc etc etc


Yeah bviously the attitude era is full of more disgustingly bad taste content (christ that Trish - vince storyline)


jesus fucking christ


Man his voice and delivery is just… so awful

This is worse than I thought it’d be


rising from the ashes like a phoenix, middle finger to the sky gripping my… CONSENSUAL PENIS


i’m refusing to give it the time of day, but enjoying how much everyone is hating it


I know nobody is going to care because it’s 205 live, but cedric alexander and the absolute boy buddy murphy had a fantastic match this week




So it’s official, they worked all of us


Was all a work!


i watched The Rock v Mankind I quit match the other day. I know its mentioned a bit but holy shit some of those chair shots are brutal



I’d argue all of them were, just some of them more brutal than other, some of them were flatout horrific.