Rolling Wrestling Summer 2018 thread



theres a spell where Rock just whallops him in the ring and its like fuck sake.

do think Michael Cole is underrated on this tho


Is Punk vs Omega actually a thing or speculation?


Where did you hear that from?


Some promo video popped up but I think it might have just been a fan made thing? But it’s rumoured for All In anyway


Have you been keeping up with his and cabanas trial? It’s so bizarre!
He had to say under oath what the CM stands for and apparently it’s ‘Chick Magnet’


I did read that yes, which was very odd


verdict is in, punk and colt have won


While I was looking up All In and the trial I saw an article actually saying “COULD CM PUNK BE MAKING HIS WAY BACK TO THE WWE?” and i shat it laughing


Easiest way to get cheap clicks innit. That or Omega to WWE bullshit articles


Omega is slightly more likely to happen eventually at least


Lio Rush is just being given a rapper gimmick then


Nicked a mates NJPW login for dominion. Anyone else watching tomorrow. Fucking ridiculous card. Anyone know what time it kicks off GMT?


Looks like 8 am to midday, so I guess big matches from 10 am?

Do we think Omega finally wins the title?

  • Hell ya Kenny!
  • No, Okada is an actual god

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Goes to 1-1, omega hits a one winged angel. Okada kicks out of it, then wins


Do you all think Kenny will ever finally defeat Okada for the title?

  • At iv
  • At V
  • Later
  • Never

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Wrong fighting I know but is it also CM Punk’s second UFC’s match tomorrow?


I am truely shocked.


Think so. Don’t care about UFC though and he’s not very good at it so shrug


Much like last time, I’ll watch all 12 seconds of it the morning after


This is Ian Harrison they talk about on the AE Podcast on the XWF

HOLY, how have I not heard of him before?