Rolling Wrestling Summer 2018 thread



Do we reckon Harry Kane signing a new contract at Spurs will help his performance in the World Cup?


Get out of here with ur nerd sport


Depends how he’s booked really


Think he needs a Heyman type manager to get him over


lets see what Willie Nelson thinks of Ian Harrison!


The XWF episode deffo the funniest one in a while. That Hackshaw 9/11 promo doe


Spurs really missed a trick not getting heyman in when Poch was pretending he couldn’t speak English


Basically shinsuke and Almas especially are just taking a page out of Poch’s playbook


Is anyone watching Dominion?
Ishii and Suzuki :heart:


Just started. Caught the last 5 of the bucks. Was very good


It’s on now? Sweet (if there’s an illegal stream somewhere)


Borrowing a mates NJPW world pass but I’m sure reddit will have something

#453 theres a chatroom here, someone might embed a video :wink:




That 6 man taag was fun


Rey looked really good huh


Is he going back to wwe after the next us show?


I hope not. Because of how healthy hr looks post wwe i think for his health and the longevity of his career he should stay independant


Totally agree, I just keep reading that he’s going back :frowning:

Ospreay :open_mouth:


Yeah there’s no way a bloke in his mid 40s with a history of injuries and that wrestling style can stay healthy on a full time wwe schedule. The odd return in a tag at a ppv would be good though