Rolling Wrestling Summer 2018 thread



Dude just cannon balled


That sequence of counters…


That sequence finishing with the code red was ridiculously slick


Osprey is a bit sloppy isn’t he? Nearly crippled the lad and then that last kick came nowhere near him


Fedora Jericho!


*chubby fedora Jericho


Naito’s mask is pretty fucking sweet


Proper gut on the lad. Absolute unit


Bit annoying that he’s doing the shit version of the walls tbh


I remember when he busted the lion tamer out on Paul London years ago, looked like he was killing him.


Naitos broke his cheekbone there

Or maybe not since Jericho’s slapping him on it


Used to be the one move that absolutely fucked people up when you did it in the playground


Official stream is getting really stop start. Probs more traffic than theyre used to. Balls


My dodgy one is perfect


Can you chuck me a dm link, might try that instead




I’m watching it through allwrestling on kodi


Must be dropping it in San Fran


Jericho isnt returning to wwe anytime soon then, good, I like bastard jericho

#480 but u cant fullscreen it sadly

But the stream is perfect