Rolling Wrestling Summer 2018 thread



You’ll have fun with that!


He looks like he could go again already.


Good night for Canada eh?


What a lovely ending




Aye glad Cody didn’t actually do anything there just showed he was present


“Okada, You are the new Lex Luger”


Hoping ibushi wins the g1 and then faces omega at wrestle kingdom


Ooh that’s nice booking


Thought they were going to do it at this years but Jericho showed up. It’ll be 10 more exciting with the title on the line.


Best omega-okada then

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4>2>3>1 imo


Zack Sabre Jr blocking Yanos low blow was picture perfect wasn’t it?


Come back punk, come baaaack


Got round to watching Dominion last night and it was chuffing great.

Anyone going to Strong Style Evolved? I saw the card for Manchester last night and am suitably excited for it now. Was a bit of a bummer having no Elite or LIJ but a show headlined by Okada v ZSJ and Ishii v Suzuki is pretty mouth watering.


Those matches should be awesome, wish i was going.
The Walter vs Nagata match on the Milton Keynes date should be a cracker too.




Yeah watched it live, he looks fucking great! The women’s match was really good too then the show fell off a cliff



Wrestling fans have no sense of humour when it comes to Meltzer star ratings huh.