Rolling Wrestling Summer 2018 thread



I assume you don’t mean this particular tweet and rather who it’s aimed at


How2Wrestling recently released this boheamouth of a podcast


Might be shite, but for Manchester people who like wrestling and beer…


Never been, myself, but I’ve heard decent things about Futureshock


Yeah more the replies and general outrage people have whenever meltzer rates an Okada Omega match


I know the guys from Top Rope Brewing, they’re sound as anything. Really know their wrestling (and their beer)


It’s easy to forget due to the World Cup but it’s NXT Takeover tonight lads. I’m really intrigued about Lars in a main event, I think dude has a lot of potential and I love his gimmick.


yeah, he could be another braun if handled right. that’s probs the match on the card i’m least interested in though. obvs gargano/ciampa will be great again and dream/ric should be almost as good but i think the tag match has a chance of stealing the show. enjoyed the build for the women’s match too so hopefully that delivers.

did everyone watch kor vs dunne on this weeks nxt btw? absolutely incredible match. pete dunne might be the most consistent performer in the whole company, seems to have a great match every time he wrestles


HHH is really high on Pete Dunn, give it a year or two and he’ll be on the main roster I reckon challenging for the title.


Also I know people are scared of WWE’s expansion into the UK but so far it’s had a net positive effect on the Indies simply because they’re sharing talent which is drawing bigger crowds because of the NXT exposure these lads have been getting.


hope so. really depends on vinny mac sharing hhh’s enthusiasm which hasn’t always been the case with nxt call ups but dunne is so good you’d have to think vince would see it too. it’ll help that he’s over like fuck too


3 letters




Tag match was my match of the night but loved the psychology of Dream v Ricochet too.

Though I enjoyed Gargano Ciampa and I get why the match was the way it was in terms of their feud but I’m not such a fan of hardcore matches anymore, especially between two guys who are fantastic in ring technicians. By the looks of it there will be at least one more match between the two which I am not complaining about at all.


tried to watch some when I got in from work last night but I was too tired/drunk to concentrate, will catch up later though!



They’re featuring a Kenny Omega match from 2006


Also seen the first two matches of NXT so far (find it hard to watch entire shows if they aren’t live)

The Tag match was fantastic, those european uppercuts/heymakers were beautiful and the match built incredibly well.

The Velveteen Dream/Ricochet match was textbook storytelling and whilst I felt the false falls heavy ending felt a bit drawn out it was still a fantastic match.


Also here is your free monthly Riptide Wrestling match (it was fantastic)


crowd being bitter nerds in the first match annoyed me a bit again but yeah, another really good takeover. the eventual gargano/ciampa blow off match is gonna be so good


Tag Match was the standout by far, incredible stuff. Can’t think of many tag matches I’ve enjoyed more than that ever (I don’t watch a lot of wrestling, no). Think Kyle O’Reilly is my favourite wrestler.

Velveteen/Ricochet didn’t quite live up to the excitement I had from the build, but was really good by the end, fantastic finishing sequence with great psychology/storytelling. Think Velveteen often looks pretty sloppy and unconvincing in-ring, but has the psychology and character to take him to good matches regardless. Got strong Shawn Michaels vibes from the way he carried himself pre-match and he just seems like an absolute star in everything he does.

Nikki Cross is also a very good character. Thought her versus Shayna was a fun match with a great finish conceptually but it seemed kind of rushed; not sure if maybe Nikki wasn’t selling the choke convincingly enough and so that’s why it fell flat, should probably watch it back.

Kind of tuned out of Black/Lars because I don’t really care about either of them, even though both are quite good I think.

Not particularly into the Gargano/Ciampa feud (maybe because I wasn’t watching when DIY were a thing?), and I didn’t really appreciate whatever made their New Orleans match so great, but this one I liked a lot more. Bit boring for a lot of it when they’re just hitting each other with weapons but they kept upping the ante enough that I was into it by the end. Another great finish.


Velveteen is super young and came from Tough Enough, he has plenty of time to develop his in-ring work which is actually incredibly good considering how little experience he has. Unlike almost everyone else on the NXT roster he is very much a guy in developmental, and boy he’s almost the total package already.