Rolling Wrestling Summer 2018 thread



Are any of your MME mates who like wrestling going to this?


I almost don’t want him to, my dream scenario is if they book a year long cross promotional invasion style storyline of them v new japan with ppvs every 3 months or so for it (alternating between America and Japan). Obviously have all the top NJPW guys, Jericho acting as the guy in the middle of course, and some of the former NJPW and WWE guys can potentially switch allegiances in that time. Don’t know how they would end it but it’s a chance to set right what they should have done with the WCW invasion angle.

Think it would be amazing but it will never happen obviously.


(reaches for the Gaviscon)


Speaking of WCW invasion angle


say what you want about the invasion but that ECW joining moment is still amazing


thank Shawn Stasiak!


Looks like takahasi has broken his neck last night

Bad botch by dragon Lee


That’s Planet Stasiak to you

You know you’re in the shit tier if ur entrance video is nothing but you walking to the ring


remember when gregory helms had a titantron that was just his name and a pair of sunglasses


@Jamos @Yesiamaduck


I love Team Hell No


bit late discussing it here. I liked the post main event angle. Don’t really know if this needs to be blurred but I’ll do it to save aggro.

The Elite have been dominating the Bullet Club and the Tongans have been pushed into the background. I’m glad to see the Firing Squad form to come out of the shadows. Tama Tonga is good so I’m excited to see where it goes, hopefully it can really escalate GOD. I wonder where it leaves Bad Luck Fale as well. Typically, he’s been in more tag matches with the Tongans than the Elite.
It sort of leaves Yujiro Takahashi, Ishimori and Chase Owens looking like spare parts really. I know the Firing Squad turned on them as well but they’re neither Elite nor Firing Squad.


Set up for a Hogan return, this


they need to get the title on strowman quick, they’re running out of silly stunts for him to treadwater with (that portaloo thing was so rubbish). haven’t been watching any raw / smackdown recently but going off that match and the hype vid I don’t get what’s face about him at all either


Is Russo back on the WWE writing staff? Not sure there was a single non-gimicked finish in Extreme Rules.


are you going to this @Yesiamaduck ?


Of course I am!!! Match of the year contender right there


But yeah, I got a 3 day ticket. I cant believe this is going to be on the same card as Jonna Rock Vs WALTER :sweat_smile:


meltzer has given the undisputed era / moustache mountain match from last week’s nxt the full five stars - six years without any and now they’ve had four in a year (all nxt though so I guess the wait goes on for the main roster). also it’s wwe’s first ever non ppv fiveboy! anyway, it’s a v good match so you should all watch it if you haven’t already


I also suggest watching almas vs aj styles on this weeks smackdown.

Smackdown has been on fire recently tbf. It seems to have got its mojo back after shedding all its dead weight. All the Smackdown summerslam feuds can be traced back quite far with a methodical logical build.