Rolling Wrestling Summer 2018 thread



what is a good site for reviews and analysis and dirt?





:smiley: That line


Think that Raw would drag even more with longer between PPVs, too much time to fill. A lot of feuds only need a few weeks so it’d be even more filler.

The problem was when they had both brands having their own PPV every month, meaning there was only 4 weeks to build every feud in order to fill out the card. Now with it being dual-branded there’s not enough space for everyone anyway, so could easily do 6-8 week builds when it suits and just alternate who is featured on which PPV. Instead they just do it the same way as before but longer.


“you are on your own”, absolute dickhead


CM Punk is such a wanker that 'I’m beginning to feel he was ACTUALLY solely responsible for everything that went wrong during his WWE career.


He certainly makes it very hard to be sympathetic to him. Like absolutely he might not have been treated terribly well, but how much of that was because he is an absolute dick?


Yeah this articles of Dave Benson Phillips match is pretty spot on, never been in a more excited crowd in my life.


And yes, the article isn’t lying

He did hit a great spear


just doscovered attitude era podcast. basically pure joy isn’t it.


Oh man, enjoy, its the funniest podcast aboit wrestling and there are so many episodes that make me completely lose it and cry with laughter. Theres a reason i stopped listening to it on my commute


They’ve got a patreon and for $5 a month you get their spin off podcast ‘Smackdown Crawl’ and book reviews , it’s definitely worth becoming a patron if you like the main podcast.


Totally. Smackdown Crawl is fantastic. There is a lot of material for them there which wouldn’t have been touched or covered nearly as well if they stuck to the PPVs


and @Gazorpazorp

Gonna have to donate i think, it’s so fun. Love the impressions they do too, his JR always kills me. I sit at my desk with a big dopey grin all day.


Jim Neidhart died :frowning:




aw ffs :pensive:


Excuse my ignorance, but who’s the middle person in this photo?


Brian Pillman