Rolling Wrestling Thread


Happy days are here again


Why is Big Show vs. Big Cass on the main card ffs.


TBF it has cooldown match written all over it.


Because they’re big and vince


With Enzo in a shark cage, mind


I got a quick question

How many people think Enzo will be with the WWE this time next year? I don’t


I do. In 205 live


he’s over and there’s always certified G shirts in the crowd, so I reckon he’ll still be there. hopefully they’ll titus him into a managerial role because he isn’t cut out to be a singles wrestler I don’t think


I don’t think he’ll make it out of the shark cage tbh


That’s a lot of matches for a standing show


Turns out 3MB was one of the most successful stables ever after all.


That’s my evening sorted out.


I’ve set up a permanent chat server for DiS wrestling on DisCord

I’ll be there from 10pm
Feel free to sign up to the service and drop in any time

You can use it on pc/phones/tablets


So there are rumours that Taker is returning tonight :worried:


I heard this and sincerely hope it isn’t true. Maybe its the fake taker :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


If it leads to a Cena match…


Reigns Vs Taker II probably


Heath Slater? CHAMPION?!

Sod modern wrestling.


tag champ. was a fun little run tbf



His tag team run with Rhyno was excellent. The story was great, he was the only one not drafted to Raw and Smackdown and he kept on hijacking the shows to get signed and he had to win the tag team match or be fired. He couldn’t find a tag team and he was desperate because he needed to feed his kids and then Rhyno tapped him on the shoulder and it was the most heart warming moment in wrestling for ages.