Rolling Wrestling Thread


Reminder that if you wanna chat on phone/tablet or pc during summerslam (pre-show 10pm, main show 12am)


:frowning: king just said minimum of 4 hours left, please don’t threaten us like that king


Oh Shawn :frowning:




I know Summerslam has just started but I probably won’t get through the whole thing tonight. However wasn’t Takeover good?! Love Gargano. Tag title match was wunderbar, Asaka is perhaps the most strongly booked champions of all time, was happy for Drew and wasn’t it a treat to hear Ranallo and JR together through the Itami v Black match?


Yeah I’m watching in bed, I’m going to just let myself drift off, have work tomorrow but will see how far I’m willing to push it


That’s yer big banter buried


What the hell was the Rusev match all about? :frowning:


That Asuka Ember Moon match was great. moons finisher, wow


Too much wrestling


What the hell was that Nakamura match about?!

The 4-way was awesome but


I wasn’t expecting much from that much so wasn’t surprised at how terrible it was.

The Rusev match if you can even call it that was ridiculous, he’s one of the best things they’ve got and they’re wasting him.

The 4-way was bloody enjoyable, i could watch Braun chucking chairs all day.


Not gonna bother watching the whole of summerslam will watch the tag matches and the main event


I was surprised not to see Roderick Strong really do anything at Takeover. Will Roode just go into a programme with him and out of the title picture?

Will he be involved with the ROH guys?

Really cool to see Adam Cole there. The guy looks a star. Nice guy when I met him too.

Not seen Summerslam. Probably won’t bother with it. It sounds lame. Might just watch the main event when I get a chance


Okay so I forgot NXT/Summerslam was happening. Seemed pretty up and down. They’re properly shitting the bed with Nakamura. Adam Cole will be brilliant.


Think Roddy might end up with the RoH stable. Lot of talk of Roode getting moved up to the main roster and they think he’s gonna be a top guy


Aj vs KO is good despite Shane, and the women’s matches were decent, don’t think you need to bother with anything else though


Just wanted to say it was super cool seeing Almas finally hitting his stride in nxt. Reportedly his confidence was super low because he wasn’t getting over, but the guy is a demon in the ring


cesaro going into the crowd to wreck their stupid beach ball was the highlight, followed closely by the big boy bonanza main event.

also, +1 to the manny andrade fan club. was clearly always great but his original gimmick was doa, glad they’ve sorted that out.