Rolling Wrestling Thread


this is why he can’t turn heel.

That was inspiring. I shouldn’t have watched that while chopping onions


Oh my. When he whispers at the boy to stop and hugs him :sob:


Dunno, being a cunt to Corbyn was kinda heel


I love him.


Not buying that Fatal 4Way. One guy’s finisher was a running powerbomb, another’s a variation on a sleeper hold. Weak.


Finally finished watching Summerslam and have to agree with you about Rusev. I remember his debut at the Rumble a few years back and he just completely reminded me of a Bam Bam Bigelow type. He can talk, has charisma and can wrestle a damn good match.
Make him the classic bad guy foreigner and he will do 10 times the job that Jinder is


Not sure if you’re serious, but I love people using old finishing moves that have become regular moves and and now using them again as finishers. I really want someone to use the swinging DDT as a finisher, as to me, that looks pretty awesome.


Went to wcpw last night. Was a decent show then the last 3 matches were phenomenal.

War Machine are amazing in the flesh; massive, hard hitting and agile. They were meant to be fighting the briscoes but jay was hurt so it ended up mark briscoe and jay lethal v war machine

Rey Mysterio v Richochet was some great flippy shit

Scrull v Osprey was a cracker, can tell they have worked together all over the world


he did just get whacked with a briefcase though. I think that warrants being a bit of a dick about it


Oh I get it kayfabe wise but this was a proper burial


If someone running powerbombed me i’d stand straight back up. A finishing move has to be what it says on the tin. It has to at least give the impression that it could temporarily daze a 300lb 'roid freak.


I dunno, I watched a UFC compilation of the best knockouts and one of them was by a legit powerbomb



Mae Young Classic is up. Pardon my lack of female wrestling knowledge but that German (sorry also watched without audio) has the IT factor. Has a look and style that is desperately needed in the WWE womans division

First episode was good, I really didnt like Lita on commentary and JR trying to set her up for some colour commentary and not taking cues was painful to listen to (this is why I muted it)


yeah the commentary is woeful. jazzy gabert is your german, and she deffo looks like a star doesn’t she (looks a bit like a lady ludvig borga, which is pretty cool imo). not sure if they’ve signed her, but they absolutely should do. really liked that when they went for the ol’ “reverse a submission into a powerbomb” thing and messed it up, she just moved onto another submission rather than trying to repeat the spot


I watched all 4 shows in one sitting and had a great time, Marti Belle Vs Rachel Evers was the only bad match… it sloppy mess with awful timing and poor selling, I’m glad they decided to keep the greatest elbow drop in wrestling instead of retiring it because Bayley has a very average looking one.


I’m literally on that match now :frowning: dunno what’s happened to evers, she’s looked alright when I’ve seen her before but she had that right clusterfuck of a match from the last botchamania vid recently too


First time I seen her, nothing she did looked convincing. I also go the overwhelming impression it was mostly Evers dragging the match down because her offense had no commitment to it and she was doing an awful job selling Marti Belles offense.


she’s been on nxt a bit, always looked pretty solid. not sure whose fault it was, might just have been on of those matches - hopefully the next round doesn’t go the same way. on the plus side, sarah logan vs mia yim was a very good match


Unfortunately, Lita has always been pretty terrible on commentary or on the pre-shows. I didn’t know JR was commentating until I started watching the first episode and I was pretty excited and then I saw her and was disappointed.

Just half way through the 1st episode and was shocked at seeing Serena Deeb on it. I was routing for her, but their match was not that great.


RIP THE BIG DAWG Roman Reigns :frowning: