Rolling Wrestling Thread


That was one hell of a face turn by Cena


Marvellous work by Cena, and by Reigns too to be fair.
Thing I don’t understand is why this isn’t a Mania feud. Not complaining but putting Reigns and Cena together in September feels weird.


they still could do it a mania I guess but yeah, it is a bit weird. as was not doing the nakamura match at a ppv, which does make me wonder if he’s going to be having some extended time off or something as both of those matches could have been huge main events with the right build. no mercy already looking great on paper so no my complaints from me either


Man that whole segment was weird as shit


Just watched it. Cena was pretty awesome and on point, as probably directed to be. Reigns looked good when he got all pissed off at one point. This is the character I would like to see from him, as it’s so much more entertaining than being aloof


If this leads to a heel turn then I’m all for it but right now it’s a bit painfully awkward


To me, the aloof character works better as being full on heel. I know that Reigns is apparently walking the line between face and heel, but I just can’t get behind me being face at all right now. I just keep thinking of the big faces, Hogan, Rock, Austin, Cena, all could talk and had huge charisma and could get a crowd behind them.






Guys are we all happy that Gable found a new Jason Jordan?



“double reinforced ring” :smiley:

match was great, obvs


Razor Ramon was a great face (and heel).

Just watching SS94. Okay so far.


Featuring the best cage match ever and possibly the silliest Taker match! Whopper show.

But yeah Scott Hall was amazing in his prime, it’s a travesty he never really got to the very top


Re-watched WMXII last night, the OJ stuff is still absolutely batshit mental.

Thoughts on Bret vs Shawn iron man?

  • One of the greatest matches of all time, a true masterpiece in slow-build, technical wrestling, esp for WWF in 1996
  • I find it boring and overrated because I don’t appreciate good things and I’m a Tory.

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Sorry meant to say, reasons please voters!




Kevil Owens was allowed to kill Vince McMahon, guys future is super secure, good news.


Proper head butted him and cut his head open

Can just imagine vince backstage

“Headbutt me for real god dammit then pop up power bomb me on the side of the ring”
“You’re 72 now Mr McMahon”
“God dammit frog splash it is but Kevin is opening me up hard way”


I can only imagine between the off mic talk before the headbutt was vince demanding he not hold back. It’s super good for Kevin though, being paired with Shane McMahon and being allowed to kill Vince puts him in an elite club. A club that is, historically speaking, earmarked for big things for a long time.