Rolling Wrestling Thread


He was a world champion for the best part of a year…


So were a lot of people (that were promptly thrusted down the card), and his title reign wasn’t that great if we are honest. Being able to work with a McMahon and kill a McMahon is arguably a way bigger accolade these days. It shows a great deal of trust from the guy in charge.


The reign might not have been but we did get the festival of friendship out of it



J.R reporting that Bobby “The Brain” Heenan has passed :cry:


ah fuck. he’d been ill for some time so not a shock really, but a damn shame nonetheless. one of the best commentators of all time and probably the best manager of all time

perfect brain


That catch never ceases to amaze me


Listened to a podcast that mentioned him recently as well; apparently one of the best wrestlers of his age too who just happened to be too small to be a world champion. Legend.


“sit down and take a load off your face” :smiley:







His commentary for the 92 rumble is probably my favourite of all time. One of the best commentators and managers if not The best ever.
I love watching old events and listening to his hatred of Cunt Hogan :heart:





Marty’s gone fucking wild lately you seen that thing about wanting to bang his not biological daughter?





Sigh, it’s a shame he never got back on the wagon. What a waste of talent. And now he’s going loopy it’s just sad to watchh.