Rolling Wrestling Thread


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It’s hard for me to say it as someone who used to strongly dislike John Cena in ring… I think over the past 4 - 5 years he’s risen to a level that I never thought possible in-ring and has done so much to help that company through some super cold periods. He may be better than Austin… he’s the best face the company has ever had.

Good in-ring work
Good promos
A professional
A decade carrying the company
The ideal spokesman
The fact he’s kind of dorky and relatable in real life and the fact he’s apparently the nicest guy in the universe.

Austin and Hogan never ticked all the boxes like Cena


He’s decent but it’s more about who he is. The drama is increased tenfold when he’s in the ring with anyone because it’s him, he’s the face of the company. Other performers will put their all into it with him, and the outcome seems genuinely important. But as far as psychology goes he’s still pretty formulaic, it’s just kicking out of each others finishers constantly. Put him in there with someone fantastic and you’ll get a great match because it’s the best of both worlds, heightened drama and storytelling with great work. Put him in there with someon like Jeremy Corbyn’s long lost son and it’ll still be subpar. Orton’s the same and by god when they’re together it’s just a snoozefest.


anyone watched No Mercy yet?


Edit: sorry the spoiler thing won’t work for me.

[spoiler]Liked it overall but felt flat by the end.

The women’s division on RAW is great and I like everyone involved (Bayley is kind of annoying but she’s obviously a good babyface if booked right). Thought it was a really good match and they all came out of it well.

Tag match was absolutely fantastic, one of the best I’ve seen. Love Cesaro, and Rollins seems more over and convincing as a babyface than last time I paid attention to him.

Liked the story they told with Balor vs Wyatt; good match, came across as a genuine fight with a bit of intensity. Cruiserweight match was boring and went on longer than it needed to, but it was the best way to put the belt on Enzo. Jason Jordan has something and I actually really like him.

Cena vs Reigns was fine but slightly boring imo. They seemed to lack chemistry and it didn’t come across as intense enough given how personal their promos were, although it was a decent match by the end.

Lesnar vs Strowman was a fairly dead match with a finish that hurt Braun and all the great work they’ve done pushing him as a monster. Didn’t mind the similar Reigns finish because Cena doesn’t need protecting.[/spoiler]


[spoiler]Jason Jordan would be class on the indies working with Jeff Cobb/Matt Riddle/Keith Lee etc.

I’ve not watched the whole thing. Just watched Cena/Reigns and the main event. Will probably watch the rest tonight.

Cena/Reigns I agree, they did seem to lack chemistry. It just felt like a punch/kick-fest until they started hitting their signature spots. It relied too much on that IMO. I don’t like this feeling of needing 3 or 4 finishers and kicking out for a match to be considered great in WWE.

The main event was ok. Standard Brock match really. I hate suplex city Brock. The first couple of times it was an amazing sight but now I don’t want to just see 10 German suplexes. He is capable of having top notch matches but it just doesn’t happen any more. Not sure if it’s a booking thing or a motivation thing. I wonder where they go with Strowman now. It feels a little like the Ryback situation a few years back. Big guy gets unexpectedly over, shoehorned into the main event picture but it doesn’t fit with the long term booking plan.[/spoiler]


Started watching some of the old WCW PPVs starting with Starrcade 83. They’re fucking brilliant. Thought they’d be shite, but i think i prefer them to even the golden era (89-93ish) WWF shows. The matches are better, and the pace and storylines much closer to classic UK wrestling. I imagine the feel of them to change considerably as i move into the 90s, but great so far.


Oh god wcw/nwa was so much better than wwf in the 80s it’s not even a contest.


it pretty much lasts until about the time Hogan shows up in WCW so '93-'94


just watched it and enjoyed it overall, ending felt a little flat though


I’m still mythed… Surely after the year we’ve just had the main event for Mania should be Braun Vs Reigns it makes more sense for the blow off of the year to be that and not what they appear to be building to.


[spoiler]I don’t watch much apart from WWE, but I feel like the finisher spam has become so ingrained in their big match formula that takes a pretty high level of in ring ability to have a match which is perceived as great without it. Even the two main events last night felt anticlimactic because the finishers actually did the job for the winners.

Agree totally about Brock, although I’m not even sure he can anymore - seemed kind of gassed at the end. Obviously they’re building him as strongly as possible to be taken down by Reigns at Wrestlemania, but I was hoping they’d have Strowman destroy Brock and let it build to Reigns vs Braun at Mania. Way more interest in that match for me, and I’m not sure Brock’s worth protecting at this point.[/spoiler]


That finisher-nearfall merry-go-round is basically all Stone Cold and The Rock’s fault, but let’s be honest they were both far more entertaining and made matches feel so much more important that todays chumps.


The Rock Vs Cena standardized that shit, its so irritating nowa days


The Rock thinks it’s basically the best thing ever, he’d try giving Angle olympic slams and stuff all the time.


It’s always been reigns vs Lesnar


yeah. HBK v Taker added to it as well. I was still at a point watching that match where seeing them kick out of repeated finishers was blowing my mind. Now I’m just numb to it and you don’t even get invested until after a couple of finishers.

I grew up watching Bret Hart win matches in loads of different ways. You wouldn’t watch it just waiting for the sharpshooter to happen


Well they’ve booked Raw as if it were leasing up to Strowman vs Reigns which is why last night felt like such a damp squib. Besides I can watch those 2 wrestle forever


Think that’s them just them trying to keep people interested going into the
"dark period"


-_- so urgh