Rolling Wrestling Thread


worked tho didn’t it :wink:


:’( yes


I like the way NJPW tends to do finisher spam (when they do it) - saving it for the truly big matches, lots of the spam is countered as a tease to build tension, certain finishers are protected in a highly consistent way and are guaranteed to be the ending, and not basing the entire match around it. WWE has finisher spam on throwaway PPVs, there’s little consistency, and when you’ve got two moveset limited ‘five moves of doom’ guys like Cena and Reigns facing each other it was sadly inevitable it’d quickly devolve into what we saw.


skipped the above posts until I’ve finished watching it so apologies if this has already been mentioned, but why the fuck have they brought back those horrible shaky rapid zoom in-and-out camera shots? there was a bit where roman was stomping a mudhole in the corner on bmj that genuinely made me feel a bit ill (other than that, good show so far)


Because until Vince dies we have Kevin Dunn being shit at directing


please don’t make me wish death on vince



Depends really, with the epic stories Omega and Okada have been telling this year the main story has been that Omega couldn’t hit a 1 Winged Angel on Okada the entire time. Course sometimes they go into overdrive but overall the storytelling is so far away from today’s wwe. Thinking of it really, even in the ring, wwe’s stuff is sometimes so intellectually bankrupt it’s an intentional insult.


so sinister looking :smiley:

reminded me that I missed the perfect opportunity to use this bad boy




god I love that insane old man



Was there ever any proper dirtsheet intel for what the actual plan was with that angle if Benoit hadn’t happened?




I think originally it was intended to end with Mr Kennedy being Vince’s illegitimate love child and no 1 heel in the company.

Eastender’s writers were probably kicking themselves when they heard about it.


That was a different angle though wasnt it?


Ive read they actually wanted to kill the character off and that was how


I think Vince’s ACTUAL brother, Roddy McMahon (I’m not joking) was going to come in as a happy-go-lucky babyface authority figure and then Vince would miraculously come back and they’d feud


Apparently not.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter says the plan was to have Vince return in the summer claiming that he faked his death. He was then going to reveal an accomplice with several names being mentioned for the role. Mr. Kennedy was a top candidate as WWE wanted to build him in to a top bad guy

Can’t find a source that confirms the illegitimate child part, but I’ve a vague memory of there at least being talk of it before Benoit’s death.


I mean the illegitimate son was a different angle. It was probably meant to replace the murder one though from the sounds of things.