Rolling Wrestling Thread


Here y’ar
Roderick McMahon :smiley:


Ended up being used for Hornswoggle, innit.


I know, just like every intriguing angle :frowning:


Well I guess we’d just better be thankful we didn’t get Vince McMahon and Mr Kennedy vs John Cena and er, Roderick.


Cena vs Lauranitis is just as bad


I loved Laruanitis, such a guilty pleasure


Oh don’t get me wrong he was a great heel but lol at headlining a PPV because you don’t trust Punk


Oh yeah that match was :toilet:



Yup, should be all well by tomorrow.



Fuck me, i didn’t even though that was possible. :face_vomiting:


Well at least they’ve gone straight back to booking Braum as a monster. Crisis averted


Also everyone was allowed to beat up Enzo apparently


Please cheer this man


Ooh this reminds me, excellent thread on The Miz posted today:


Yeahhh shame Max Landis is a bit of a creep with an unhealty carly rae obsession

But as a character Miz is the most consisstent they’ve had in… decades?


Interesting conceit that falls apart somewhat when you consider that he’s not very good in the ring. Maybe my standards are too high, but he doesn’t tell proper stories, he’s not crisp enough, he’s kinda a one trick pony. And more to the point (because I’m sure plenty of people genuinely like his matches) - he’s BOOKED as not very good and constantly needing shortcuts. Given that, there really isn’t much Miz “deserves” a spot for in that narrative universe.


Mm I dunno he’s had his moments, that match with Dolph last year was amazing, but also WWE rarely judges its stars on those things anyway


Meh, not for me. And even so his character doesn’t belong in that upper echelon in the fictional universe, which makes him a good heel, but not a good or consistent anti-hero imho.


IC title is def his level, just find it an interesting thread and he’s getting crazy pops these days so can maybe see why he’s argued it