Rolling Wrestling Thread


Oh I dunno man, there was a hot minute when he was on that incredible Smackdown run where he could’ve been given the title. Even if it was as a transitional title reign.


Maaaaybe but he’s on raw now so don’t see it


He’s not been booked nearly as well on Raw :frowning: then again the writing staff changed on Smackdown and got moved to a large committee on Raw.


vince as the graps game brendan rodgers is both slightly disappointing but also reassuringly on brand


Dude has a t-rex skull in his office


now this is delightfully on brand


Marty update!


Faux-punk, ex-wrestler Shannon Moore has been quoted in a BBC news story. Rumours of it dumbing down have been dismissed.


There’s a link under the article saying “Former WWE star considering significant money offer to do porn”.

Who do they think they’re kidding?


I’m loving this t-shirt, the young Bucks can money out of anything it seems.


Anyone watching Hell in a Cell later then?


Signed off work until Wednesday so might as well


Nice! I guess I’ll try and watch it at work tomorrow… even then I may skip bits


Its next week it says there?


Yeah… I did wonder. Wasnt expecting it tonight


And yet you fell right into my trap


Lol not awake yet.


Mate I’m ill AND hungover


Shield are back together then


would have preferred them to hold off for another year or so but whatever, they were awesome so not going to complain about it