Rolling Wrestling Thread


Lets put the Shield back together to overcome the Miztourage they said


And Cesamus


Does legit to be the only way to get Reigns over, so fuck it, probs why they’ve done it already


would be great if he just immediately turns on them


Hahaga that would be amazing


Is Howard Finkel going rogue at SummerSlam '02 not one of the weirdest things that’s ever happened?

Was it an ongoing thing?


If I remember rightly it was a thing for a couple months then they dropped it. That’s an excellent Summerslam tho


Every match has been decent, aye. Best one i can remember bar the English one.


The triple H Shawn Michaels match is amazing and kicks off Michael’s successful return. And Lesnar being a beast obviously. I should watch it again soon actual


The Angle vs Rey Mysterio match is one of the best opening matches ever.
I love that Summerslam


I watched it last week. Lesnar before he became Suplex City Lesnar was great


I recently watched his first few weeks and fuck me, he is an absolute monster. Legit terrifying,

the way he just slams the guys


Say wuuuuut


was War Games the one in cages or the 60 man battle royale? (cba googling, dont want people at work to see me on WCW wikipedias)


I’m guessing the former - from memory the 60 man battle royale with 3 rings was called World War 3


The 2 rings in a cage


Two teams, two rings in a cage, two guys start then someone joins every 5 mins. Can’t remember if it’s first fall once everyone is in or elimination. The early 90s editions are considered some of the best matches of all time


It’s gonna be 3 teams of 3

Undisputed Era v Sanity V AOP with Roddy Strong

I’m calling Roddy heal turn and Undisputed Era become RoH invasion


first fall. stings squadron vs the dangerous alliance in particular is a great match. need to get paul e and his massive phone down to full sail

having two rings there for the whole show could open up some cool spots in the other matches too, hopefully


My mate who likes wrestling was going to watch The Big Event (1986) but says the camerawork’s too shite. He’s going to watch WM10 instead, probably shite, if memory serves 94-97ish was mixed at best.