Rolling Wrestling Thread


WM 10 surprisingly really good show if I recall 9 and 11 are terrible


yeah this, it has 2 legit great matches in bret-owen and hbk-razor. the rest of it is a bit of a mixed bag


two of the best matches EVER on WM10!


BTW Hell In A Cell match is 20 years old today
Kane has now been in the company for 20 years as Kane [though he’s currently trying to be mayor]


20 years ago today



2nd best kane tag based tagteam (obvs team hell no is #1)

  • hurri-kane
  • b.o.d.
  • kane & big show
  • kane & x-pac
  • kane & mankind
  • kane & rvd

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Kane & X-pac easily. The writing for Kane during that run was probably his best ever, showing surprising complexity for the Attitude era. Then they ruined it with their feud which went on for farrrr too long.


top 10 attitude era moment for sure



No tag team is complete without a pun in their name.


one of my favourite Rumble memories is Kane destorying everyone and the whitecoats coming to take him away


Love Jim’ll Paint It


Shawn vs Taker? What a match


Is DLo Brown the most underrated wrestler ever?


Watching Rumble 2000. Fuck me Rikishi was over as hell


Aw man the big bossman was so good


You are watching one of my favourite Royal Rumbles ever. The card before the Rumble is so awesome. I love the Hardys/Dudleys match


Just watching the main match
. its insane how popular guys were. Test got a hugr ovation




And in less than 6 months hell be fueding witb jr