Rolling Wrestling Thread


Was Bob Backlund any good?


As a wrestler, yes in the 70s/80s, as a gimmick he was still great even during new gen era,


Yeah proper fuckin burial no doubt but WHAT AN ENTRANCE


Oh yeah so good. Kurts promo “come on do your best!”. Just perfect stuff


Mate the HHH/Foley street fight :flushed:


New OSW :slight_smile:


the way he put over nash was great too - remember seeing a shoot interview where nash said after he beat him (in 8 seconds!), bob crawled all the way back up to the ramp like he the powerbomb had almost killed him


Triple H could go did some wild stuff


Al snow got dull without head


Crazy Bob Backlund <3


Usos vs New Day was pretty brutal, and fucking awesome


Loved his entrance here, the crowd goes mental for him. Wasn’t this when Angle was still undefeated?


Oh yeah, absolutely. This is my favourite Foley match and I actually got to tell the man himself, which was really cool


What was the Rumble where Backlund lasted a long time just by hanging on the bottom rope? That’s the one match I remember him most from. I don’t really remember Backlund in the 80s so much, but remember his late 90s/early 2000s run


I love shane o mac and his willingness to take ridiculous bumps he doesn’t need to instead of just having a cushty office job at titan towers, but goddamn, everytime I see guys having to sell for his shitty little air punches my heart fucking weeps

on the plus side, steenerico!


Got tix for this (just gone on sale)

Been to the last 2 shows and they’ve been incredible. Really fun, friendly crowd, always sells out… nice beer and amazing Vegan hot dawgs. Two non wrestling fans go with me every timee :smiley: They love it as much as I do


The state of your writing


fucking hell, the state of that. they’re continually making all this bray stuff way more complicated than it needs to be. cut out all this bollocks and just have him win some fucking matches for a change


dat ass tho


nice to see the juggalos back in WWE