Rolling Wrestling Thread


Do you think anyone with any power at WWE’s noticed that the crowd doesn’t give a shit?


Survivor Series 96.

Early impressions are it might be a stinker.


bret-austin is great, think the main event was decent too (although it should’ve been vader, you prick hbk)


HHH’s early gimmick’s shite.

Basically Steven Regal.


They were a tag team in WCW based on that iirc


The two main events save it






Exactly this. Just let him win a feud, then I will care. At the start, I was really into him, now, I just don’t care.


He was particularly bad for those punches on Sunday eh. Still it’s more of a brawl I guess. Remember when he nearly out wrestled AJ Styles :joy:


to the surprise of no one:


Watching Summerslam ‘96. Very strange watching the WWE work Jake Roberts’ alcoholism into a storyline.


watching royal rumble 1999 now




Its my favourite rumble. Tiger ali singh!


Quite like.michael cole in this tbh


the actual fuck is going on RAW/TLC this Sunday?


be great if the shield call in some fellow SWAT gear enthusiasts to even the odds

just going to pretend this bray / balor nonsense isn’t happening and focus on the good stuff


OOH it would match the big men they’re randomly against… can’t see AOP ever being face though

what is the good stuff? Is Jeff Hardy going as Willow to guest referee?


oh aye, authors of pain isn’t a very babyface name is it.

not seen this weeks raw yet so I dunno if they’ve messed it up, but I loved all the shield stuff last week (obviously), so I’m looking forward to their match. asuka and emma had a real good match at takeover london so hopefully they’ll be able to do it again (bit worried they’ll just have asuka squash her though). guess that’s it about it as far as good stuff goes. weird, because raw has been decent recently so you’d think they’d be able to get more than 2 good matches out of it


ah yeah, forgot Askua is debuting, that could be something