Rolling Wrestling Thread


watching raw, now, I know I said I’d pretend this wasn’t happening but come the fuck on

weird match GO AWAY

weird pumpkin dog vs chewbacca, wtf



oh boy…


I see Kane has enough time to pop up from under the ring despite running for Mayor.


Few things in the world as sad as learning a man who entertains people in a flame print leotard pretending he’s a demonic fire demon thing is actually a passionate anarcho-capitalist


Mate! He still fucking loves fire!


I mean by all accounts he’s a really nice guy at least, thats more than most pro wrestlers who worked the WWE during the Attitude Era.



Despite the fact that they look like members of Mushroomhead I think this could be quite interesting.
Especially if it ends in a love angle


I think most bray angles could be quite interesting if they didn’t all go the exact same way


:smiley: is this real?


yes. too real, if anything


oh my word, amazing


Just watched WM11.

Just going to go and pour petrol into my eyes now.


Is it supposed to be an inter gender match? I really don’t get it


He’s so, so, so shit.


Only just dawned on me what a great heel entourage Sunny was.


Balor? Bit bland in WWE
Was great in New Japan though as an arrogant foul mouthed heel who’d slap interviewers about for fun


Valet was the word i was after here.

What’s the difference between a manager and a valet, btw? Is it a sexist thing, or just duty-related? Virgil, for instance, not a manager.


Valet is sexist. Virgil was a butler