Rolling Wrestling Thread




there’s a vague kayfabe thing about “having a manager’s licence” they wheel out every now and then but there’s no real discernible difference.


Oh God, Kurt is getting back in the ring…


Absolute inevitable the moment he signed a contract.


They’ve had some illness outbreak so the card for Sunday has changed massively and he’s stepped into a very random, messy looking TLC match.


amazing the stuff they’ve wasted / rushed through this year. they gave away cena-nak on a random smackdown, then raced through the cena-reigns and brock-braun programs for a random b ppv. now this has forced them to rush kurt’s return and balor-styles too


Ah… If that’s the case,they’d surely have been better bringing in someone from the other roster for a one off than wasting Angle’s return to the ring, no?

Have to assume he’ll be exceptionally well protected.


Hope so, the blokes neck is an absolute state


They’re already wasting an AJ Styles-Finn Balor match, I think they’re fecked either way.


but he’s not RAW… what the fuck is going on?


they are 100% gonna too sweet though right





Pumpkin Balor vs Potato Bag Wyatt replaced by Pumpkin Balor Vs AJ Styles, I can dig. The universe has found a way



Heel Sami Zayn is my favourite thing in quite a while.


would’ve liked him to stay face so they could recreate that dynamic they had on the indies but whatever, he’s great. him smugly skanking down to the ring is just the best


Yeah the entrance now is genuinely hilarious.

Not seen any of their indie stuff - what was the dynamic then?


when they started teaming in roh sami was a face and ko was a heel yet somehow it worked


You need to see their feud ender at ROH. Cant remember the show it appeared on but it’s a brutal match and one of the greatest matches I’ve ever seen.