Rolling Wrestling Thread


Think 2017 will go down as a particularly dire year for wwe in all honesty, which is a travesty considering their roster.


This how the brand split should work IMO but with only one of each belt and the prestige of having the various champs on each brand being a major thing.


Non-title Champion vs Champion… why bother?

Have Smackdown WIN the Raw belts and then you’ve got a 6 month storyline as RAW tries to get them back.


it’s definitely been weak, but I guess we’re not THAT far removed from some proper dross


EXACTLY what’s the point of having all these champion vs champion matches if there’s nothing at stake other than… BRAGGING RIGHTS?!


that tag champs match could be a banger tbf. brock - jinder will obvs be atrocious but I’m looking forward to it in a morbidly curious kind of way


Yeah, I’d be into it if it was consistent


Brock should kill Jinder really but knowing this year I guess they’ll book Jinder to give him a scare but no way is Brock losing


This happened in 2002 for a while and I remember liking it back then. Unfortunately that would probably mean Jinder on both shows now :joy:


looking forward to him launching the singh bros into orbit too


so many heel vs heel matches :laughing:


ooh yes that will be fun


Valid point…


also enjoying KAYFABE SHATTERING AJ Styles being pally with Balore and tagging with The Shield before later beating them up on TEAM SD


Wait, what?

you cant see me, you cant see me, yooooooooooooou. cant. seeee .me



BTW Darren Young, Emma and Summer Rae all released. I’ll miss Emma but the other 2 haven’t been relevant for years.


I’ll miss summer rae. her in ring wasn’t the best but her character work was always on point. her stuff with rusev was great, just a shame that the dolph / lana side of that feud sucked so badly

good chance we’ll see emma again I reckon. couple of years in the impact zone and then she’ll be back (hopefully)



Seems weird to let Emma go after her semi-push with Askua


yeah I thought that. tbf it was weird that they didn’t do anything with her before that anyway, get the impression that trips likes her but maybe the other powerbrokers don’t