Rolling Wrestling Thread


lio rush made a bit of an ill advised joke about it

quite enjoying watching him getting buried by the rest of the roster on twitter


considering buying tickets for Raw next week. Apart from the crazy expensive ones, all that’s left is “limited view” for £52. Anybody ever been with limited view? Is it just the tron that’s limited?


You might have cameras or something in front of you.

It’s a risk


arent the UK shows always a bit shit and uneventful? £52 sounds extortionate tbh


The house shows are just as expensive.

Think i paid £80 for my tickets for leeds next week


at least house shows would have more variety and things you’re not likely to see on tv


To be fair when i went to raw brothers of destruction reformed. Worth every penny

The house shows are more fun though


House shows are really fun, TV taping is too fragmented to be what I’d call truly enjoyable like the house shows.


Tbh it seems wrestling as a whole has realised they can charge what they want for tickets these days. It was traditionally the cheapest form of entertainment around but today the audience is either families ready to make it a big treat or fully fledged adult dweebs like us who usually have expendable cash. WWE have intentionally skyrocketed their prices this year to make up for poor house show numbers, so figure you’ll be getting less bang for yer buck going forward (in conclusion I would not pay £50+ to see another Dean Ambrose tag match)


Couple things:

Braun as an actual horror movie monster:

And HHH joined the shield in Glasgow tonight


I love Braun Strowman so much


Could become quite honestly be one of the biggest monster heels ever. As big as Kane was.
Do you think Strowman could ever be face though? The crowd seems to be into him pretty big, wonder if he would be better as a tweener?


He’s feuding with Miz now so I’m pretty sure this is his face turn no? I mean the dude got attempted murdered


Also he is captaining Raw team at SD along side Kurt Angle so… for this month at least


Presumed he was a face after watching that.


True, just not the first time someone has tried to kill him and he stayed heel.
Hopefully, they don’t flip flop him like Big Show


Yeah, I was at that one. I was with a mate who’s not that big on wrestling any more but we both (along with the rest of the place) popped big time for that.

I got put off house shows after going to a Smackdown one years ago. Apart from the 2 main matches (Kane v Orton and D Bryan v Sheamus) it was really really lame. I had no interest in seeing the likes of Jinder Mahal (still don’t but that’s another matter).

I got put off by feeling like nothing of note ever happens at house shows, but it doesn’t at the UK TV shows either tbf


aye but that was against THE BIG DONG


Before you ask, yes these are real. Yes it’s an official fundraiser for his campaign


I don’t watch current cards, certainly not the weekly shows. The PPVs i’ve seen have been largely shite. The odd one i have watched, though, it was fucking obvious that Strowman and Wyatt were the real stars (Charlotte, Alexa and AJ Styles deserve honourable mentions). They should have built the whole thing around these two, either heel v heel or stable v stable, but they’ve completely fucked Wyatt. You might disagree.