Rolling Wrestling Thread


So, Jericho vs Omega confirmed for Wrestle Kingdom…


Yeah I’d go along with this, Strowman could claim his time in Wyatt family held him back or something


I was looking forward to Ibushi vs Omega but this should be good.
Has this been rumoured? It totally caught me off guard!


Blimey. Presume they’re working together then and the whole bullet club invasion thing was a wwe idea. I had presumed so to be honest


Anyway, here’s Wonderwall;


They’ve been “twitter feuding” for a while so makes sense it was leading to somewhere


Bray Wyatt couldve been the coolest , creepiest thing for yonks.


is this deffo for real? it really doesn’t seem like the kind of thing vince would agree to. not watched power struggle yet tbf so maybe that’ll have some answers


Looks pretty legit to me:

Think he’s probably on a legends contract by now?


Yep. Video package while kenny was in ring


nice. obvs love jericho and his general act is as good as it’s ever been, but he’s not the worker he was so no SIX STAR CLASSIC for kenneth this (well, next) year. it’ll be a fun spectacle at least


Jericho is having a cruise with ROH and NJPW putting events on, I’m sure he can do what he likes :smiley:


Oh shit it’s TNA Bound for Glory tonight, anyone watching/have any idea?



No spoilers


title change I heard


the new person v Brock could be very good


Very excited for Wrestle Kingdom 12

Okada v Naito could be one of the best main events in pro wrestling history
Omega v Jericho will be very fun and bring a lot of eyes and maybe a new take on the strong style.
Vince is bound to be raging about not only their taking Jericho from under his nose but also how much focus NJPW is clearly giving the American and European markets - the rest of this card is one of the most Western oriented ever.
Tanahashi v Jay White for the intercontinental title, two american teams through War Machine likely fighting David Hart Smith and Archer for the tag belts, Young Bucks taking on the new Rappongi Vice, Scurll and Ospreay fighting for the junior heavyweight belt with Kushida and Takahashi in a western-style fatal 4 way, Cody likely defending the ROH title (hopefully against ZSJ or Kota Ibushi).

All with 2 months to go and Suzuki, EVIL, Ishii and loads more big names all without matches as yet - could be a fucking unreal card.


Any of you lot watched the ESPN 30 for 30 on Ric Flair yet? I did today and cried a surprising amount (although I am a bit fragile today)


RPW last night was a goddamn riot. Scurll vs Naito, and Osprey/Goto vs ZSJ/Suzuki were both good matches, and it was my first time seeing Riddle, but Ishii vs Keith Lee was truly phenomenal. It takes a lot to make Ishii look small but Lee is like an athletic whale with six pack and he was tossing Ishii around like a child at times. Both men worked super hard with Ishii running at Lee over and over again from all angles, but the high points were Lee going to the ropes for a colossal moonsault and Ishii landing not one one but two delayed vertical lifts/brainbusters. I was screaming at the close - might be the best thing I’ve seen anywhere.


I got around to watching this on the weekend. Extremely interesting and quite emotional. Still got a bit upset at the retirement match between him and Shawn. The way they describe that and how it’s completely perfect is completely true. Even watching the end of that match is upsetting.

One thing that HHH said that really struck me was when he said that’s he basically a pathological liar. Once he said that, I did wonder about some of the other outlandish things that Flair said. Like the 10,000 women and the story with the doctor.