Rolling Wrestling Thread


Zacky and Suzuki might be the best pairing of anything, ever.


Obviously 10,000 is an impossible (but funny) number, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was 1,000 at least tbh

But yeah I was pretty much bawling at the Shawn Michaels bit. Apparently he’s sober now and seems to be serious about it


He’s definitely the showman and always wanted to be. It’s just amazing that if he didn’t have that plane crash, he may never have become as big as he did.

I would have thought the Doctors said, if you drink anymore, you’re dead.

Do you think they’ll ever release a longer version of this, as I think a lot of people would want to see the whole interview? From watching a couple of 30 for 30’s before, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a longer cut version before.


I don’t believe there ever has been in the past no, although the director does tell us the second interview is flair “opening up” so I’m not sure if “more” would do anything. He’s quite open about his guilty response to effectively killing his own son, for instance.


SO we gonna talk about the state of this Oder?


I think I was meant to post this:


So Vince put his foot down and the War Games cell isn’t going to have a roof. Different rules too, with everyone coming in at once following the initial 1-on-1 period. Fucksake, literally can’t do anything right these days.


Do we know that’s a Vince call? NXT is largely HHH’s baby innit?

Anyway, it was already fucked as there is 3 teams instead of 2, tbh


This match probably will be great but lol they old


bit wcw isn’t it. hogan & piper were 43 and 44 when they had that godawful cage match, we’re getting close to that kind of territory.


Iiiiiiin fairness throughout any era it tends to be the guys in their late 30’s/early 40’s that have really perfected the art and have established themselves as stars, but yeah with Angle and Trips that’s pretty exceptionally zimmer framey.


Yeah according to Bryan Alvarez. They went at it during a production meeting and Vince wasn’t having it. Blatantly worried about HIAC comparisons.


I like alvarez but he’s often wrong about this stuff. either way, I don’t mind it as a decision. It is undeniably a bit similar to HIAC so differentiating it a bit makes sense, and not having a roof means we should get some cool dives off the cage. it’s not a proper war games, but I think it should still be a good match (not keen on babyface AOP though, don’t think that really works)




or Elimination Chamber? (did you know here in Germany it’s called ‘No Escape’ due to it’s holocaust connotations?)

I’ve just seen 1998 War Games had this same format with this hilarious line up:

TEAM WCW - DDP, Piper, Warrior
TEAM NWO - Hogan, Bret Hart, Stevie Ray(!!!)
Team Wolfpac - Nash, Sting, Luger




kind of yeah. they’re teaming with roddy strong who is the only outright face in the match, so I guess they’re face by association. they’ve ran in to save him from a beatdown a couple of weeks ago as well


oh I saw that and assumed they turned strong heel.

The ROH boys are going to be most over though right?


absolutely. they’ll be booed, but yeah. sanity have been kind of getting over a bit, but again, it’s not really clear what their alignment is supposed to be either. they could’ve done with a few more weeks build to sort all this shit out really.


they’ve had since Summerslam no?!