Rolling Wrestling Thread


aye. AOP have been off tv for most of that though, so assume one of them had an injury or something. I dunno, I like the concept of this match but I’m not sure there’s really a way to make it work with this personnel. maybe if the ROH lads came in as faces, or something idk, I’m overthinking it a bit now. my prediction is it’ll be good, but weird


fair enough, Sanity ending AOP’s undefeated streak was quite weird too given their odd tweener statement.

ROH might start a full-on invasion?

I dunno, I agree, probably over analysing and should just get on with watching it :smiley:


Literally nothing left for the AOP is there, expect Roddy to turn and AOP to debut on main maybe as soon as next week


I guess Roddy will turn and join Coles goons.

Not arsed about the match/show at all


Might not be right away, would definitely be more significant if he or Cole were in a match with Galloway, but seems inevitable at this point (and frankly might do him good, he’s not the best promo).


wouldn’t mind AOP hanging around a bit as they’re still somewhat green but yeah, there’s not enough depth in the division to make it worthwhile so might as well call them up. roddy turning makes sense, although it does make nxt a bit heel heavy


With Ciampa out I have no idea why they’re not pushing Gargano, the man’s the ultimate babyface (it’s because he’s small isn’t it)
Can see Black getting in the belt scene soon too


I think they’re trying to give him the sami build, a lot of losses and self examination leading to eventual (but fleeting) glory. he’s main roster ready but tbf he’ll probs be better off where he is


Would be the perfect antidote to Enzo in lieu of Neville tbf but that seems like a step down too


The fleetingest of fleeting glory then

What do people make of the current Sami/Kev storyline plus rumours of discontent and disobedience? Work or genuine rift with the company?


Don’t get worked brother!!!


vince let ko shoot headbutt him, I don’t think he’d let anyone touch him these days if he didn’t see real value in them (lol @ titus). they’ll be fine.


Good point. I’m so completely caught up in the total wasting of Sami that I’m buying anything at the moment. As you were.


Could Survivor series be the start of a HHH takeover of WWE.

His NXT boys taking over.

Kev and Sami come out to fuck things up, HHH joins in…Then the other NXT lot join in, Finn, Joe, Nak & Roode


Sami’s good enough to completely absorb any losses as long as he’s on tv (which was the problem most of this year). He could shock win a rumble or a mitb at basically any time and people would buy him as a main eventer, though I do find it pretty funny his wwe gimmick is basically “man who wins one match in ten”


What if…

Cole wins the title from McIntyre in the match with Shawn Michaels as special guest referee tonight.

I presume the War Games match is the main event so the title match becomes a triple threat between Cole, McIntyre and Almas.

Then Strong turns on AOP to join O’Reilly and Fish, thus turning AOP in the underdog babyfaces with one man less/Paul Ellering rips off his suit to become the third man.

This is genius booking lads.


Really doubt Michael Cole will be getting the title tonight man


Undefeated at Wrestlemania pal, it should be a breeze for him.


Every time someone mentions “Cole” in the ring I immediately think of this


shame the match is tomorrow tho