Rolling Wrestling Thread


still, I hope Asuka just runs through the entire SD team… so actually Raw’s probably going to win




Yeah, nah, takes all the drama away really (it’d be alright in theory but lets be honest anyone who’s watched it for more than a year knows it basically never matters)


IM re-watching last years which had a similar premise, after Raw women won Charlotte turned on Bayley (the other survivor) immediately, thus shitting all over the concept. Also HAHA DANA BROOKE IS THERE DOING TEN CHANTS TRYING TO GET HERSELF OVER


You watch any of war games last night? Can picture you dying at Black vs Dream


I’ve seen it on youtube now, it was very good :smiley: Can’t get over him being the lad from Tough Enough though


So Survivor Series was a big bag of “meh” saved only really by a couple things

Shield vs New Day took a long time to warm up, but did have a pretty great final third
Woman’s survivor series had the correct finish and booking, but horrible execution.
Miz vs Corbyn was literally by the numbers
Usos vs The BARR was a sleeper hit as expected
Flair vs Bliss was good but not amazing
Aj vs Lesnar started off looking like a total embarrassment, until it turns out that was part of the build and it quietly became GREAT. Not quite Lesnar vs Punk or Cena, but easily the best match he’s been involved in a long, long time.
Main Survivor Series match was boring garbage with terrible booking. Sigh.


They didn’t turn Jason Jordan? Bit awkward :joy: what the heck’s he gonna do?!


Get released


They’ll do it tonight


Kevin Owens 365 however, was great :slight_smile:


Watching survivor series. How amazing would the tag division be if they didn’t have 2 rosters?


Obvs not watching the modern product, but last time around the mens singles roster was really helped by the brand split. The women’s roster was dire anyway, but the tag division was a mess because each brand only had about two and a half teams at any one time. Presumably there’s at least more depth this time around?


The New Day. The Usos. The Shield. Team Barr. The Hardyz. The Fashion Police. The Asscention. American Alpha. The Revival


Also the women roster is MUCH better now


Yeah, I’d picked that up from here and the OSW lot.


booker t was horrible last night, although tbf, a 5 man commentary booth is a recipe for disaster. glad brock decided to not phone it for a change


Here’s one. So I’ve been listening to a few podcasts and they’ve mentioned a wrestler called the patriot, who it seems was around the wwf around 96/97. I used to watch every episode around then and can remember loads of obscure wrestlers, but not him. Weird.


he wasn’t around in the fed for long but I remember he had a decent match with bret at one of the in your houses. also, he had angle’s music


Yeah the podcast was about Bret Hart, and I can vaguely remember the angle in question, just not him. Just looked up the roster for both years and no-one else I don’t really recall