Rolling Wrestling Thread


Oh, I don’t recall techno team 2000 either


1997 he feuded or the wwf title against bret Hart for 2 months and left. Believe he was quite a big deal outside of the wwf for a hot minute.


He was in purely for the anti America angle and had kurts theme music.


Watched royal rumble 2011. New nexus sucked eh


Haha yeah. Mason Ryan yo. See also The Corre. Had to be the worst faction feud of all time.



My old housemates footy coach was Mason Ryan!

I do like the whole stable clears house thing but when its New Nexus, it didnt work
They shouldve let Santino win, that would have been gold




What’s the one where’s CM punk is a totally boss?


The one where he gets on the mike? Not this


Right, good, was about to give full pelters if so!


So Paige’s return last night was a bit… awkward?

Also lol at THE BIG DOG GRAND SLAM CHAMPION sis he the youngest/quickest to do it?


can’t be, ambrose has already done it

re: paige, only seen the little clip of her coming out they posted on twitter, but seemed like she got a good reaction? pleased for her, she’s had a horrible year or so.


oh shit yeah I forgot. well that’s ok then :wink:

Paige got a massive pop when she came out, then as the segment progressed it became increasingly awkward, esp with Sonya Deville & Mandy Rose who looked green as grass


I liked the PPV on the whole. The booking of the main event was really terrible though. Self indulgent McMahon BS. I thought the match quality was generally good but the show ended on a bit of a sour note, though.


Yeah show was good i thought with 2 great matches. The main event cast one hell of a black cloud over it all mind


:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


saved by this:


Imagine how genius it would’ve been if it was legitimately part of the show, practically all would’ve been forgiven. No such luck.


Watched the War Games match. So much fun. Everyone played their part, all looked bad ass as fuck. That Michinoku Driver onto someone and the siplex off the cage were ace

Is that Eric Young the same guy who was a fake superhero?