Rolling Wrestling Thread


Hurricane Helmsley?!


He was Super Eric for a bit in TNA :smiley:


Right, I have very limited TNA knowledge, only really know him for his long losing streak and weird voice


They more or less tried everything with him at different points, had some very strange gimmicks over the years.


Thought so! He looked like a killer

What is Sanitys gimmick?


Also Mr dot com himself is a manager still?!


Raggedy laughing moshers with no discernible motivation every wrestling company’s had since Raven’s Flock


Yeah as Ruffers says, Raven’s Flock.


No Mortiis though


Big Damo’s a gem mind



I thought they all looked good. It was crazy how invested I felt when the main show just has anonymous entities


Adam Cole (baby) is the rarest of things, an indie darling who’s strength isn’t actually in his working - which is good but not amazing - but more in getting people invested and telling stories. Gonna be huge.


Can we have a lol at roderick strong dressed as Authors of Pain?


NXT’s so good at putting in fun details to make the Takeovers seem really special. If I was Vince I’d start scheduling them the weekend before the big 4 to stop them showing him up so regularly :smiley:


Aye it’s becoming a serious problem tbh. Particularly when HHH is being a great boss one night and then embarrassing himself the next one


Did you watch the whole show? If not deffo watch the Alistar Black vs Velveteen Dream match. 2 immediately iconic looking wrestlers with clear gimmicks and a clear story in their match. It’s something the main shows just seem utterly hopeless at achieving.


In fact just watch the whole show if you have time. The variety in the nxt roster and gimmicks make it really easy to get invested in even if you don’t watch weekly.


Only the war games match. Will check this out, cheers


Is Velveteen Dream the name of the wrestler? Thats something you dont get now