Rolling Wrestling Thread


Deffo do if not the whole show i feel like wwe should watch thid match in particular as a case study into how to make people invested in wrestling.


Yes it is hes like a prince rick rude hybrid


Black’ll be massive, yeah. That silent metalhead calmness combined with the legit looking work will mean basically all their core audience will want to be him, so he’s a great babyface. Bit of fantasy booking but with Game of Thrones as big as it is he’d be a convincing sadistic heel with that kinda black metal/viking aesthetic too (imagine if they hired War Machine as his backup too).


Remember when Paul Burchill was a pirate


Wasn’t watching then but have heard of it and it sounds magical. I did manage to catch him in that gimmick implying he was incestuous. Class acts them McMahons.


big fan of post wwe burchill shaving his belly hair to look like abs


Yeah i didnt see it but knew from.a Smackdown game
Always get him and Paul London confused


Oh good lord


Hard to forget London’s stint in the greatest tag team of all times, the Hybrid Dolphins


He looks like the bass player in the Charlatans


(Dunno what the bass player looks like)


video’s worth it for Bryan corpsing alone


Loved Survivor Series, my favourite PPVs since I started watching again about a year ago. Enjoyed every match. Bar vs Usos & Shield vs New Day were both great, AJ vs Brock was even better. Charlotte vs Alexa was good, Miz vs Corbin was fairly good and far exceeded my expectations. The women’s 5-on-5 match was fine and did a decent job of building Asuka.

Didn’t really have a problem with the booking on the 5-on-5 men’s match; the nature of the stipulation means that not everyone can come out looking great, but Braun was put over strongest by far (was totally wrong in my fears of him being derailed by the match against Brock), which is good. The Triple H/Angle stuff was a pretty obvious way of building towards what seems to be happening there, and I found the way Trips sold the whole thing really quite funny. Main problem was just that the match fell so flat in the middle, not the booking of the end, imo. Kurt doesn’t look particularly sharp.

Watched bits of RAW and Roman seemed more over than he’s been in a long time?

(Really enjoyed every match on Takeover).



That is one of my favourite comedy promos ever. I still laugh at how much Bryan cracks up and I’ve watched quite a number of times


It’s the “…hello” that gets me still


Surely it’s a plan that they’re so similar


i’m sure, but it’s still funny for now


That’s brilliant. For me, it’s just how Daniel can’t stop himself laughing at all, it’s hilarious


One of the funniest things for me in wrestling is Dragon Dragon from Botchamania 27. The commentary on that is absolutely golden.