Rolling Wrestling Thread



Pro wrestling tees has a black friday sale on every t shirt. Last wrestling shirt I owned was an RVD number back from the Invasion… but maybe…


who you going for? I’ve never had a wrestling shirt but I did have a pair of bret glasses when I was a kid


All the Zacky ones are incredible/commie as fuck
Also Deafheaven
But also this tote is probably the bookie’s fave rn


I feel nerdy as fuck for having so many wrestling T shirts.

I met Bret at a meet and greet in Manchester 2 or 3 years ago and he was well impressed that I still had my Bret glasses from the mid 90s. They’re signed now :slight_smile:



oh my god amazing, excellent getting his heat back


He does such basic cheap heat stuff but the fact it’s in song just makes it entertaining as hell. The Club being his “bandmates” long term would be a genius move imho too.


Jimmy Havoc is the best.


Didn’t realise Flair used to be such a unit.


Wasn’t convinced for the longest time with him, seemed to do spot stuff without much psychology but his character stuff’s really won me over as he’s got older and it means I’m genuinely invested in his work these days.


He’s an incredibly entertaining heel. Very funny dude.


Sooooo what do we think about Cody Rhodes and the Bullet Club taking Meltzer’s bet and trying to sell 10,000 tickets at an indie show next year?
Cody’s apparently going to be funding the entire show himself (although if they genuinely sold that amount of tickets, plus merch, it could still turn a large profit theoretically) and will likely be partnering with ROH to fill the card.
ROH though had their biggest crowd ever this year, which drew less than half that, more like 4,500 so it looks like they’ll need some big guns. It’d be the largest non-wwe event since wcw closed down if they get anywhere near. And even if they fail it’ll probably be great publicity, even something to shoot for the year after.
A LOT of conjecture around who they might be getting in to try and sell those tickets - Jericho, CM Punk… even Bryan Danielson if he leaves WWE before the show itself. They’d certainly need a card good enough to get people actively travelling there akin to a WrestleMania or something.
London is one of the cities they’re reportedly looking at and, well, I’d go to it.

What do we reckon? No chance… ? Right?


could work, think there’s enough knowledge and exposure around them and that side of the business now, they’d just need to book smartly/carefully. Certainly enough talent and potential there to make it work though, I mean look at Fear and Loathing by ICW, it’s the biggest indie UK PPV ever in one of its biggest, newest venues (granted only on the ground floor, but still, it sells out that)


Indie wrestling is A Lot bigger than it was a few years ago. Progress in the UK is hosting an event at Wembley arena for example, so I can see it working with the right card, price, location and date


think it would have to be here and loaded with british guys to do that number though, can’t really seeing them drawing that in the states when roh can’t


Cody/Danielson for the ROH title and maybe a repeat of Jericho/Omega with an appearance of some sort by Punk (even as a ref?) could do big things.
Wishful thinking that literally any of that can happen but people are even talking about the dream match with Young Bucks and the Revival being looked into, it really depends how much they can lean on wwe/how far wwe will go to block anyone from working it. Maybe they’ll drive a truckload of money to Bryan’s house.



|So TNA have given up on the broken matt hardy case. Hopefully the gimmick can retain its momentum.


Whack him in a programme with Wyatt, put Jeff elsewhere when he’s back. Jobs a good’un.