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Man I’m glad the WWE forgot about Sister Abigail


I feel that should be reserved for Willow tbh


quick poll, do you know who “plays” willow?

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The guys face is brilliant


Hi @colinzealuk that’s yer man Jeff Hardy there


Coked our his bin it’s worth adding


Just checked and I think Bryan’s contract runs out next September, which might be a bit too late for Rhodes to book him, which is a shame. I think that would easily help to sell a lot of tickets


Hard to tell - if his contract ends he won’t have a no complete clause so there’s a good 3/4 months they could book him within. Feels selfish to want him back in case things do end up going wrong though (despite most doctors seemingly clearing him at least for now).
Like to put it in context, the big NXT shows regularly draw 10,000 - it’s not an insane amount of people if there’s a big marketing push or just a lot of recognisable names. I mean the Takeovers are usually helped by everyone being in town already for Mania or SummerSlam or whatever, but it’s doable without Bryan I believe. Obviously far easier with him.


Do you think they won’t slap a no compete cause? As he’s the “GM” for Smackdown and on TV most weeks.

I’m not sure how I feel about him coming back and wrestling. Anyway, just imagined if they could get Punk and Bryan for that show, as well as others, I think it would easily sell out


His contract’s multiyear and more or less unchangeable from the point he signed it, that’s why he’s being used despite being retired because he’d have signed it when he was healthy and it’d have been for £££££ so they need their money’s worth . he’d undoubtedly have a no-compete on there already - but that only counts when someone leaves an existing contract. Presuming he doesn’t re-sign an extension then once it runs out he’s got no legal binding to WWE whatsoever. And yeah fully agree, it’s a cinch with Punk and Bryan but I’d imagine Punk in particular wanting a huuuuge payday.


There are a lot of heavy rumours suggesting Bryan will be cleared to wrestled in 2018 by WWE doctors if he hasn’t already and used for Mania.


Ah, didn’t know that the no compete was only if the contract ended early, but actually makes sense when you put it like that.

For sure, Punk would want all the profit they make for wrestling that show.

On a side note, Punk is the guy I want to see come back the most out of anyone


Swear to god they’ll waste his comeback on Shane ffs


Oh but Shane’s a real star


Have him a surprise entrant at the Rumble, have him topple Brock :smiley: (never happen)


Man that’s the one true dream match though isn’t it. Ultimate David & Goliath story. Heyman doing condescending promos begging Daniel not to get hurt, the way everybody would be literally wincing if he was even up there for an F5. Gold.


If that’s true, that’s a huge match and should be headliner. Hadn’t heard this one, but haven’t been keeping an eye on the rumours


We can hope…

To be fair, I’d pay just to see him cut a promo…