Rolling Wrestling Thread


imagine if they got Bryan back in a tag match with Cena and Cena clocked him and took him out before the match. heel turn booking there



The crowd finally accept Cena, the time for a heel run has long gone. Especially as he’s now a movie star


besides they already did Cena vs Bryan and it’s one of the best matches ever (possibly the best of this decade!!!)


Yeah, people are really behind Cena, as he’s not getting the super push anymore. Plus, people have seen he can wrestle pretty well when watching the matches with AJ.
It’s almost Cena sucks is done in fun, like with Angle and You Suck


His clear money grab at Survivor Series was a bit cunty, HE EVEN WORE GREEN FFS


Jim Johnston has been released by WWE
Time to remember your fav Jim Johnston themes


I always loved the Too Much one cause it felt really out of sync with them


That makes me quite sad. This guy has so many tunes that whenever I hear them gives a great feeling of nostalgia and awesome wrestling memories.

I know that a couple of other guys are making the tunes now, but still, Johnston is the best. Are the tunes getting shorter as well or is it just me?


forgot what a banger that gangrel joint was

in other news


Weird how this just started happening from nowhere. What happened to the whole Sister Abigail thing?


bray got mumps and they (hopefully) forgot all about it. they couldn’t do this before because there was an issue with tna about the rights to all the broken stuff, apparently that got resolved in the last week or so


Think it’d make sense to do it after a fued with Wyatt though, not just one match?


agree. he’s been taking pins a lot recently though, so maybe they’re doing it as a reaction to the losing streak rather than that specific match?


He’s been threatening something has to change after jobbong out loads


I don’t really get Cody. He’s solid but nothing more IMO. I’m guessing D Bryan v Cody has been done on several throw away episodes of Smackdown. It wouldn’t feel like a dream match to me. I feel like Cody, aliging himself with the Bucks/Bullet Club, does a very good job of marketing himself and comes across better than he actually is. I just don’t think he’s all that. I’ve seen him 3 or 4 times live since leaving WWE and I never felt like he was a standout in WWE either. He had such a sense of entitlement.

Kenny v Bryan is the money match



Hahahaha amazing


Virgil’s like “£20 huh? I need to up my game”


so this happened


Battled alongside gingoss khan