Rolling Wrestling Thread


the consumer of terrestrial entities has done me


I did laugh out loud when it cut to Matt Hardy doing that laugh of his


Jason Jordan is playing his role really well.


He’s a very good athlete and underrated psychologist, his match with Okada was fantastic. The reason everyone’s pairing Cody and Bryan is because Cody publicly challenged him when he first won the ROH title and of course Bryan lapped it up. It’d be a hell of a match, and while I have no illusions of him being up there with Omega, Naito, Ibushi, or 90% of the New Japan G1 this year I think Cody’s come on leaps and bounds in every respect from whenever the two last squared off.
(That said yes I would prefer to see Omega/Bryan, as would literally everyone :joy:)


Sports illustrated reporting that Vince is very high on Broken Matt Hardy and has given Matt Hardy full creative control on the character… so just about the best outcome then.


This had to be the main concern with it really, doesn’t it - that Vince would have taken control and neutered the whole thing with his own twisted sense of humour.


ah man, that’s awesome if true. I want all the trimmings - skarsgard, vanguard 1, reby on piano, the full works. wonder if bray gets dunked in the lake of reincarnation and comes out as husky harris?


Has there been an explanation as to why he’s now Woken instead of Broken? That alone doesn’t bode well. Haven’t had much time to read The Sheets the last couple of weeks but I thought I’d read somewhere that Anthem were now letting former Impact talent use of their gimmicks elsewhere?


The reason makes sense and seems completely fair for once. The wwe want a trademark for merch and matt/Jeff keep the broken trademark and gimmicks if they were to leave


So nice im posting it twice


spent most of this year building up jinder, just so paul can beat him… IN INDIA :smiley:

this is peak triple h, all hail


Iwas pissed last night and started watching Royal rumble match 2010. That cm punk gimmick of militant straight edge saviour was so golden


Think they gave up on him a month or so ago tbf


And they completely fucked it up


Doesn’t it matter though knowing pipe bomb is only a year after?


Yeah but we got the New Nexus and Corre in the mean time.


Indeed which were initially interesting then died a quick death but I think all these things are important for future booking


Rewatched the Rumble match from 1999 for like the 20th time. Tiger Ali Singh! Golga! Blue Meanie! Mabel!



LOD 2000 was awful