Rolling Wrestling Thread


yeah, still need to finish off the latest season, got 6 or 7 episodes left I think. dario cueto might be the best GM type character in wrestling history. the commentators are pretty awful though


The Dante fox vs killshot match on the latest ultima lucha is insane!
I love Dario, I marked out when he appeared in always sunny


Never understood Daniel Bryan’s popularity. Naff. And all the naffer because of that stupid fucking chant.


He was very, very, very good at professional wrestling.
The chant, I think even he acknowledged, is naff.


The crowd likes an underdog


Guess you had to be there?


Fuck me I want to watch Bryan’s entire career after that.


I didn’t see The Rock’s original run, but I saw this and I couldn’t for the life of me understand the fuss. He has natural charisma in bucket loads, but that run was average at best.


YOU should!

As for The Rock, he’s always been a shit face, his best run was in nation of domination to becoming Vince’s number 1 boy


The Rock as corporate champ is gold


When I was in university this feud got me back into rasslin’


Probably one of my favourite Rock moments ever


The Rock as corporate champ with his 500 dollar shirts is one of my favourite things. Such a shit eating dickhead, he was so good at it


Bahahaha :joy:




For a man who’s a self made billionaire, Vince doesn’t half love making ridiculous business decisions.




I’m 15 minutes in and am already baffled as to how tna still exists


that story of the past years name changes is amazing and the sticker on the belt to cover up the GPW name :smiley:


and then 650 fans in attendance for their wrestlemania :frowning:

didn’t realise things were that bad there, I watched slammiversary earlier in the year and it was actually a decent show