Rolling Wrestling Thread


Ive seen tna a couple of times on Spike and Im always astounded at how budget it is now


Tbh 17 years or so is outstanding work for any promotion and hats off to them. They have a legacy… of molten shit,… but it’s there.


You look at their roster in the mid 00’s and you got to admire how much they dropped the ball. Reads like a whose who of the biggest stars in the world.


always felt a bit bad for dixie, she seems like a decent enough person who is just terribly naive about the biz and got suckered in to buying hogan & russo’s magic beans. like, impact was getting 1m+ viewers a week before they tried to relaunch the monday night war, don’t think they ever recovered from that debacle really


It strikes me from everything I know about TNA that they were their own worst enemies by booking utter shite over and over again when WWE were at their weakest in terms of course product. Too many stupid gimmicks and washed up has-beens. Should have focused on quality with the X Division and their own stars like Styles, Roode etc rather than Brian fucking Knobbs in a blindfold match or whatever shite they were producing.


Kinda liked the pointlessness of the 6 sided ring. Also the Canadian destroyer is the silliest finisher of all time


So silly


That final flip out is so awkward. On the other hand, it’s not as daft as The Worm.


Anyone watch Clash of Champions then?

Was a fairly solid if unremarkable and slightly predictable ppv (apart from one slight genuine surprise) with a couple great matches interspersed (imo)


Watching it now. Aiden English and Rusev are great together


yeah, crowd are so into them as well. chad gable suplexing the shit out of everyone was awesome af too


The fact he did that suplex to big e was outstanding


Yeah Clash of Champions was decent enough. Solid yet unspectacular matches, not bullshit booking, easy enough to watch.

Interestingly I thought AJ Styles not selling the abdomen work Jinder put in all match negated what would’ve been a pretty decent bit of in-ring psychology and storytelling.

Not bad, worth a watch, no matches are must-see. The US Title match was the match of the night and opened the card, the tag match was fun, the womens match was super whatever and was mostly there to progress storyline. Bashem Bros Vs Fashion Police did it’s job, the duel special ref match was okay but far removed from these guys best work, the main event was a slow burner but solid.


I stand corrected


this is a bad idea




two rumbles on one show sounds like a nightmare


30 seconds between each entrant, get it wrapped up in 15-20 minutes with a couple surprises and it’ll be fine.


yeah I guess. at least ellsworth won’t be winning it I suppose


Yeah the women’s will be way shorter (and probably open the probably 6 hour show)