Rolling Wrestling Thread


IT will be Rich sw… nevermind


By the way, I know Steph is awful for constantly taking credit for other people’s work but she actually sounded quite impassioned announcing the women’s Rumble last night


My local promotion, Riptide, is airing a free show on facebook and twitch on Christmas day. It was a really good show, if you happen to be wanting for things to do Christmas :roll_eyes:


worth watching nxt this week mates, dunne and bate had another banger (also a q good tag title match between sanity and fish/o’reilly)


WAR MACHINE have announced they’re leaving New Japan. So that’ll be them in NXT by the time the Rumble comes around. Will be great for the division.
Would be fantastic henchmen for Alistair Black if they wanted to make a cruel, cool Game of Thronesy stable.
Even if they don’t get ready for 400lb blokes doing backflips!


This is absolutely my opinion too. Even in the good Royal Rumbles there is usually a shit bit in the middle (or much longer) and the chances of that being more than half the time in a two Rumble show is pretty high.

Would be nice to be proved wrong though.


Surely the women’s one will be a bit quicker for the sake of sanity (not the boy stable, although Nikki Cross might turn up)








God i loved Shibata!


Starts at 9pm for those wanting some graps



anyone good on?


Matt cross. Jimmy havoc


Aussie open. Jack sexsmith. So ya. Its a great show. 2nd half is a blast. I saw it live




Its also shot incredibly well. Jus watch it. Yknow u want to :wink:


knowing my form I’ll fall asleep :wink:


Doooooo it.