Rolling Wrestling Thread


Has anyone here been to a pro wrestling eve show?
I’m off to their next show in a few weeks so would love to hear what it’s like?



Been to EVE once recently and it was a lot of fun. It’s in a really small venue with everyone standing, so you’re really close to the action. I thought it was a bit like a really small Progress show in terms of the crowd and atmosphere. Seemed to be quite a lot of storyline/mic stuff as well.


chuffed for them. They put on great matches, have a great look and are good guys


I’ma say it, AT THIS POINT it actually makes more sense and would be better if Nakamura didn’t win the rumble, because Rusev should win the rumble.


I honestly hope he does. WWE Nakamura absolutely sucks. He has the same match with everyone


cuz they won’t let him be himself right, king of “mild style” AMIRITE.

They usually do let guys get away with stuff at Mania though, I think him and AJ would fulfil the nerds match on the card


He’s a genuine star and is still treated as a special enough attraction to be in a wwe championship match at Mania, AJ is probably the only guy on the show as/more over than him.
Having said that if they let Rusev win the rumble and gave him a genuine storyline against the likes of Owens they could turn what’s mostly novelty factor endearment into a major, long term star. But he’s not American so they probably can’t see that.


Well same deal for Nakamura innit, he should by all rights be a long-term star but he’s not American so he’s probably never going to get a proper run. It’s Great that Rusev has got himself over again (he deserves it) but will comedy heels ever get above mid-card/title?


Kurt Angle’s the perfect stencil for that, and I believe Rusev’s got the chops to do the same. Just pose him as a genuine threat, then slowly turn him by pitting him against heels the fans consider beneath him (Corbin, Zayn maybe). Make him more serious over time but keep the tendency to go goofy.


yeah, potentially, it’s just whether they want to sell a “non-american” version of it. I kinda wish him and Lana could drop the shite foreign patter given she is and he basically is American at this point


Rusev is like the most likable man in the world. The fact he hasn’t had a baby face run yet is baffling


I fancy Rusev SO much


and Lana. Dream threesome.


Erm so Virgil is pretending to be Virgil van Dijk



haha just watched price check on a jackass which is still pretty brilliant and I remember pretty vividly from the time but there’s definitely a lad in the store who thinks this is a good ol’ fashion lynching


but this is why I find Shinsuke frustrating. Having a good match isn’t about kicking the fuck out of somebody. He has bags of charisma and I get that wrestlers have signature spots but every match is just the head on the chest and floppy arms, “come on” gesture, a few kicks, good vibrations, exploder, kinshasa.

Use that natural charisma to do something else. I have no interest in seeing the same thing over and over.

He’s been phoning it in the whole time he’s been there IMO.


Almost every WWE match is the same to this end, they barely ever tell a story or use proper psychology. Every star just does his 5 moves in turn and then they do a screw finish. Orton, Cena, Reigns, they’ve all made livings going out there and telling the same story almost every week. It’s dumb but it’s sort of Shinsuke’s job, the frustrating thing is knowing he can do so much more.


I agree with that apart from him phoning it in because that’s Vince’s booking of him